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Peter I: king whom love has transformed into a beast
Ayad Attar
The story of a king that the people named “The Cruel” for his bloodiness and the severity of his punishment. Yet, he was not cruel, at least not in his early life. Cruelty is not something innate in human beings. It may be acquired, and it may result from a bitter experience or a profound ... ...
Date : 2019-10-25
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The words’ seller
Sakura Warrior
Once upon a time, a young man, who was recently fired of his job, went out to look for a new job. He only had six pennies. Suddenly, he found himself standing in front of a shop with an empty shopfront. Out of curiousity, the young man went in. The shopkeeper was sitting on his chair, and in of ... ...
Date : 2019-10-16
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La Planchada: The Ghost Nurse
Ayad Attar
It was midnight; Maria was sitting alone behind a small office at the end of a long corridor with a bright floor and open doors on either side. Everything in that corridor was white.. Walls, doors, chairs and office, circular mural clock hanging at the other end of the corridor… even Maria's ... ...
Date : 2019-04-16
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Zouhri Child: Key of hidden treasures!
Andalusian Moroccan - morocco
Zouhri means a person who is most fortunate because all things of the world are easy and open to him. God chosen him among millions to carry the torch of luck in the paths of life!. But this blessing often turns into a curse as these "lucky" are often haunted by the specter of death ... ...
Date : 2019-04-09
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Back from hell!
Ayad Attar
Doctors did not expect Harry Hoyt to live for more than a few hours. He was unconscious and seriously injured when they brought him to the hospital after his car overturned on a highway. His condition was critical and he was placed in intensive care with little hope of survival. ...
Date : 2019-04-01
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The haunted wedding dress: Story of the "real" Miss Havisham
Ayad Attar
"Great Expectations" is one of the best novels written by English novelist Charles Dickens. It turned into a movie more than once, I remember reading it in my adolescence, and at that age, it gave me a deep sense of sadness. For me, because I am someone who adores mysteries, the most ... ...
Date : 2019-03-03
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The truth about clown
Site fan - Saudi Arabia
The clown has always been a source of joy. He is an artist who puts on Lots of makeup, wears strange clothes and unusual shoes, and goes out to the theater to make audience laugh through dance and comedy. This is the common image about the clown. But what does the legend say? ...
Date : 2019-02-28
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Sun of knowledge: a book from the Otherworld
Zaher Mousa
Could it be that another world is the source of a book that has been read by many everywhere for decades? A book that spreads in many languages and versions. I talk here about a book we know by the name of "The Sun of Great Knowledge - Shams al-Ma'aref al-Kubra". It's a book about magic, ... ...
Date : 2019-02-17
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Al-Ruhban : a strange creature from the Algerian folklore
Abdel Razzaq Touareh - Algeria
In North Africa, specifically in eastern Algeria, the legend of "Al - Ruhban" is one of the most famous legends of Algerian folk tales. According to my grandmother and some people close to me, this creature is the product of a marriage between humans and the jinn. When this creature is ... ...
Date : 2019-02-01
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The Legend of Barhout well
Ammar Hashem Mohammed Osman – Yemen
"Barhot" well, is a sleeping legend in the vast wilderness of the Barhut Valley in Hadramout, Yemen. It’s said to be the most hated spot in the earth to God, and from it will be the destruction of the world ... and It has the worst water on the planet. ...
Date : 2019-01-29
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Serial Killers
Abboud and Khajawah: cannibal couple from the Middle East who ate 100 children
Hunger has reached the point where people would exchange their silver utensils for one loaf of bread, if they find any, and they started to eat weeds and leaves and chase dogs, ...
Legends And Myths
The Legend of Barhout well
"Barhot" well, is a sleeping legend in the vast wilderness of the Barhut Valley in Hadramout, Yemen. It’s said to be the most hated spot in the earth to God, and from ...