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Journalist Qusay Sobhi al-Qaisi - Iraq
In an agricultural area covered by palm groves that seem to extend endless, dozens of young people, all in the early twenties, will disappear forever in mysterious circumstances, leaving their families in grief, confusion and anxiety. These missing young people have one thing in common… All of ... ...
Date : 2018-06-29
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Ayad Attar
But this strange world is not without stories of an adult women who posing as younger girl for various purposes and goals, most are innocent, but some of them are no less evil than the (Orphan)'s Esther. ...
Date : 2017-02-03
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Throughout history, there have been many stories and myths about vampires. Some people didn’t believe in them at all while others did so bad that they wished to be one of them. While others pretended that they have been transformed into vampires and became one of them ...
Date : 2017-02-02
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Ayad Attar
We were the only one in the streets that cold evening. We were four friends gathered around a small stove fire, its fuel was made of leaves and palm fronds. We were under a large shelf overlooking the street. The atmosphere was heavy, saturated with moisture and thick black clouds with from time ... ...
Date : 2015-11-04
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Serial Killers
Hunger has reached the point where people would exchange their silver utensils for one loaf of bread, if they find any, and they started to eat weeds and leaves and chase dogs, ...
Legends And Myths
"Barhot" well, is a sleeping legend in the vast wilderness of the Barhut Valley in Hadramout, Yemen. It’s said to be the most hated spot in the earth to God, and from ...