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A night in my life I will never forget

By : Faiza Lahbib– Tunisia

It happened years ago that there have been serous disputes between me and my older brother; hence my mother suggested that I go to live with my sister for a while as a temporary solution to settle down the situation. My sister lives in a big house that her husband inherited from his father. The house originally belonged to his family that inherited from their ancestors 200 years ago. The house was constantly renewed so that it does not look ancient.

I actually agreed to go as my brother-in-law is a nice and sociable person and my sister gave me a private room next to her daughter's room and, for information, my sister is 19 years older than me and I am considered as a daughter to her.

My first night in my sister's house looked ordinary at the beginning, but at about three in the morning I was surprisingly woken up by my sister's younger daughter asking me to accompany her to the bathroom because she was afraid to go alone and none of her sisters wanted to wake up to go with her.

I immediately agreed because I did not want her to urinate in her bed, and the weather was cool, and as we were on our way to the bathroom I realized that she was barefoot, I insisted she goes back to her room and wear her shoes , but she remained in place motionless. I went to fetch her shoes from her room , and when I turned the light on, I found her sleeping in her bed while in the lobby stands the other version of her. I was shocked and panicked having nothing to do but screaming, then I saw the other girl entering into the wall and disappearing.

Of course I am sure that I was awake and in full consciousness because I spoke to the girl and held her hand .

I wonder who she was? And what did she want to do to me in that terrifying night?

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