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What you don’t know about vampires

By : By: Rimas

Throughout history, there have been many stories and myths about vampires. Some people didn’t believe in them at all while others did so bad that they wished to be one of them. While others pretended that they have been transformed into vampires and became one of them. Today we are going to share what those who believe in vampires have to say. They claim that they lived with real vampires and got to know facts and secrets concerning these mysterious sensitive creatures!

Some of you may make fun of the facts we are going to mention but bear in mind dear readers that these findings are based on personal efforts, studies and research. It is your right to deny the existence of vampires and argue that there is no evidence to their existence, but isn’t the case with all the metaphysics? There is no evidence they exist but we can’t deny their existence. Can we deny the existence of air that makes us alive only because we can’t see it? It’s the case with vampires, they might be closer to you more than you can imagine. Maybe they passed by your side or even talked to you, or maybe they stood by your bed once and whispered in your ears while you are asleep…who knows!

Now let’s identify some of the characteristics of vampires and let’s answer some of the question that may have crossed your mind…

How do they look like?

- Wind-like speed
- Very powerful
- Eyes and hair color changes over time
- Able to read minds and affects them
-  Very smart and very sensitive
- Pale skin
- Feed on blood

Is there a proof to their existence during the ancient civilization?

What you don’t know about vampires
Vampire skull found by scientists in a tomb in Venice

Sure there is. Vampires existed a very long time ago; there are proofs to their existence during the Babylon, the Indian and the Sumer civilization in addition to the Ancient Egypt. All these civilizations talked about creatures that hunted human to drink their blood. Besides these stories, scientists discover vampire tombs every once in a while.

Are there any theories that prove the existence of vampires?

Many researchers and philosophers have conducted theories about the existence and the nature of vampires :

1- The Devil’s son theory:

This theory is derived from the famous” Dracula”. His father was a devil, and according to this story, some people conclude that a vampire is the son of the devil. However, some others reject this theory and according a known philosopher” Dracula is not a vampire and has no relation with them”.

2- The Devil’s worshiper theory:

This theory claims that vampires are actually human beings who have sold their souls to the devil in order to possess great powers and seek immortality through drinking peoples’ blood. Many researchers believe that this is the correct theory, however, they failed to give concrete evidences and proofs.

3- The genetic disorder theory:

This is a recent theory that assumes that vampires are genetically sick people. They have a genetic disorder which causes some vampire-like qualities such as pallor, sharp teeth and allergy to garlic. Many people believed this theory unlike some of the researchers who claim it to be null. It is true that some people may have some of these qualities, but these have a health condition called Porphyria and have nothing to do with vampires.

4- Psychological disorder theory:

This theory states that vampires are in fact psychopaths because of a harsh childhood. They developed an abnormal personality characterized by a cruel and savage behavior and uncontrolled desire for human blood.

These were the most famous theories of the existence of vampires. Still, there is no concrete evidence of their validity.

What’s the correct theory then?

According to those who are familiar with vampires and their secret life, a vampire is a sensitive person and a special creature. He is neither a devil nor a psychopath.

Indeed, vampires are born special, but this doesn’t mean that a vampire doesn’t have flaws and it’s up to him to control his flaws.

What are the kinds of vampires?

There are two kinds of vampires; an evil vampire and a pacifist vampire.

The evil vampire is a deceptive, mean and a spiteful character. This character tend to commit crimes and murder, their hearts are filled with hatred and hatred only. They love to kill everyone and anything with a pulse; they are merciless and even kill children.

The peaceful vampire is a character with deep and sincere feelings.  This type of vampires are very loving, honest and calm, they hate everything that’s related to murder and deception. However, they are super clever and shrewd when it comes to their enemies. They love children a lot and they often have relationships with sensitive humans.   The bottom line is that this character is lovable and rare and way much better than the first one.

How is he as a lover?

What you don’t know about vampires
He is a great lover

He is a great lover…

It is said that when a vampire falls in love with you, he treats you more romantically than a poet. He shows his feelings with great passion.

Being loved by a vampire is the sweetest and the greatest thing that could ever happen to you.

Falling in love with a vampire is something you wish to come true because vampires are the most romantic and poetic creatures on earth. Only pacifist vampires can truly love human, whereas the evil ones show their love only to suck your blood!

Don’t ever think that falling in love with a vampire is something wrong, on the contrary, this is a rare and a beautiful thing. You can encourage the vampire who’s in love with you to quit drinking blood; it’s hard but possible to do. He can lose to 80% of his powers, but you can help him feed on animals’ blood.

You can find out whether your vampire lover is evil or peaceful by noticing his relationship with kids. Good vampires love kids so much and treat them with kindness, if this is not the case with him; he is definitely an evil one.

Let me tell you about vampires’ feelings:

Is he a jealous person?

He can be very jealous and very sensitive or not jealous at all

Is he a forgiving person?

A vampire is very stubborn, but he forgives whenever he wants to.

How does he sleep?

He doesn’t because blood increases his energy

Does he cry?

A vampire cries from only one eye. He cries from both eyes only when he is about to die.

Who is he when he is sad?

he challenges the world, and in case he got disappointed or hurt he sleeps and never wakes up, unless there’s someone who can deeply reach his inner emotions to wake him up.

Does he care about his look?

Though a vampire is handsome, he never thinks so of himself. He usually wonders why people think he is handsome. Generally, he cares about his look and appearance.

What’s the general character of a vampire?

Very mysterious and cannot be understood. If he falls in love with you, you will witness a diverse character; sometimes he if funny, others poetic and other times strange.

What does he love the most in a friend or a girlfriend?

He is more attracted to persons who are shy, quite and introvert.

What would he do if the one he loves die?

He kills himself.

How can I reconcile with a vampire if I made him upset?

An apology and a smile can soften his heart, show your sincere apology and innocence the way children do, he won’t be able to resist and will hug you right the way.

Are all vampires alike?

They are not. They differ in strength, character, feelings and attitudes.

How to transform a human to a vampire?

What you don’t know about vampires
Transformation does not happen only by a real vampire

It can only be done by a true vampire. Even if a human becomes a vampire, he won’t be a true vampire; he would be half vampire and half human. The method of transformation is quite difficult and complicated; it may not work all the time and it may lead to death.

The transformation is done through mixing a true vampire’s blood with a human blood (the one who wants to be a vampire). Then, after drinking the mixed blood he should be left without eating or drinking for several days. After the human loses all of his energy, he strongly craves drinking blood. This means that his veins are transforming into a vampire veins.

After that, the transformed human experiences a very tiring and weird feelings. He would have a strong desire for human blood that he should get by the help of a real vampire.

There exist other secret stages before this one that only vampires know about.

What’s the relation between vampires and devils?

It is said that vampires are able to see ghosts and devils and they are able to chase and kill them. Some kind of devils strongly fears vampires.

What’s the relation between vampires and werewolves?

Vampires and werewolves are good friends and usually hang out together. They keep their life secret and private just the way vampires do.

Werewolves as the name indicates have the ability to transform into very powerful and tremendous wolves, they are almost as powerful as the vampires but not as fast as them. 

They always differ in the mental abilities. Vampires have supernatural abilities, while werewolves have the ordinary mental abilities as the humans.

The Werewolves also have the ability to see demons and spirits, and also have the ability to kill demons.

If vampires really exist, why do they hide from human?

They hide because they feel different. Additionally, it is said that vampires used to live with human and never hide, but throughout history, evil vampires committed many savage crimes, which led to issuing laws against them and people refused to live with them. 

Another reason to their disappearance is haunters. They are human tending to hunt vampires; they organize large groups with different kinds of weapons.

That’s why vampires prefer to hide and never show up to people even the peaceful ones.

Do vampire hunters really exist?

Yes they do. They always seek to follow and kill the evil vampires. However, it is almost impossible to kill them with bullets or any kind of weapon.

There other types of killing them, some hunters use incendiary materials. Professional hunters shoot a vampire with some kind of toxin-like substance that paralysis his body, than inject him with incendiary substance. They rip out his heart out of his body and cut it into pieces and cut off his organs so that they won’t grow again. The problem is the substance used in paralyzing vampires is very rare and known only by professional hunters.

Another problem is that it’s very hard to stop a vampire knowing how fast he is, he can reach you within one second and kill you before you even notice. So, professional vampire use traps to catch them.

Where do they live now?

In the past, they were living in Babylon, Sumer and some areas of the Middle East. Now, they live in North and South America and Europe.

What’s their religion?

Vampires’ religious beliefs are unknown, a vampire chooses his religion according to the place in lives in. However, the first type of vampires has no religion at all.

Do they work? What are the professions they prefer the most?

They work like ordinary people. A vampire can be a doctor, an athletic, an artist or a coach.  Their high intelligence permits them to be proficient in internet and computer fields, the majority of them prefer information technology and computer science fields.  They can’t be committed to a one job forever; they change their profession from now and then. 

Which language do vampires speak?

A vampire can learn more than one language in a short period of time and usually speaks up to 4 languages. The languages spoken by the majority of vampires are Akkadian, Romanian and Sumerian.

Do vampires listen to music?

A vampire loves listening to music with the one he truly loves. He is able to compose  breathtaking music better than a proficient melodist.

What are the powers vampires have?

1- Mental powers: mental abilities differ from one vampire to another. Some of them have the ability to control peoples’ minds and made them do whatever they want without saying a word. Others are able to see the future, some can read minds and there are those who can cause people insanity. Some kind of vampires is able to hypnotize an entire city and others can actually change their look using illusion.

2- Physical powers: They have stupendous physical abilities. They run so fast that cannot be seen with the naked eye, they jump from very high mountains or buildings and can easily climb icebergs in addition to many other things.

Vampires have some powers in common but each of them is distinguished with his own special power.

How to identify real vampires and fake vampires?

1- Mental abilities: vampires have supernatural abilities, while fake vampires have none of these.

2- Real vampires have a charming spark in their faces especially when they are sad or angry.

3- A true vampire is able to stay awake for months and years no matter how tired he is, whereas a fake one won’t stand more couple of nights awake.

4- A fake vampire usually takes some kind of steroids in order to increase body muscles and strength. They try to trick you by breaking hard materials, this is possible because they take pills to increase the size of the muscles.

5- if a vampire’ secret is revealed he leaves unless he is in love with you. He does like to meet your friends or family. A fake vampire doesn't care of all of this.

6- a vampire can talk to you through telepathy and he can feel what you feel.

7- Do some research  about the vampire you know to check whether he is real or fake. If you find information about his past and if you find out that he has a family and a job he is an actor then. But if you can’t find anything about his past, he may be a real vampire.

.. End of Part I ..

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