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Horror night

By : By: Ahlam – Egypt

At first, I thought it was a nightmare but I realized that I was awake…it wasn’t a dream .

I’m a married woman, my husband and I had a normal and a stable life until he decided to move from town because of work. So, we had to move to this new town where his new work is. We ranted a beautiful and calm apartment. The first two nights were peaceful and everything was fine. What happened next night was something I never expected

In the middle of the night, I felt something strange. I felt that there is something so heavy lying down on my body especially my chest. I couldn’t breathe, talk or move my whole body. At first I thought it was a nightmare but then I realized that I was awake, it definitely wasn’t a dream. This thing was getting heavier and I was so freaked out. Even though my tongue was so as if it was tied, I started to read Quran. Then, I gradually started to feel better

I woke my husband up and told him what happened. He said it was only a nightmare and just because I’m tired. I took a deep breath and went back to sleep.  Just after I surrendered to sleepiness, I felt someone cuddling me and hugging me so tight…and other stuff

I opened my eyes and no one was there except for my husband who was sound asleep. I freaked out and I was feeling insane…I started to read Quran and I managed to wake up. I stayed awake all night …crying sometimes and calming down other times until I saw sunlight sneaking through the window. I swore to not spend another night in this house and I told my husband that we must move…and we did the same day .

This happened 4 years ago, and thankfully it never happened to me again

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