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Between awakening and sleeping

By : Rana - Saudi Arabia

I was afraid to tell this incident that happened to me several years ago , but I was encouraged after I read the stories and experiences of others published on the site .

I usually sleep on my own, and my room isa big room, I can only sleep well in complete darkness; that is the reason why I always close the door and the lights when sleeping.

Onenight, a full moon night, I turned the lights off as usual but I didn't sleep yet, I was between awakenings and sleeping, I suddenly heard my name called.

At the beginning, I supposed it was a dream, but the call repeated twice. I then opened my eyes and found a very white young man in a strange way, but he was unlike humans, especially and unreasonably handsome. I felt that he had transparent skin, but he nevertheless seemed to me a real man.. He was standing next to my bed, and as I was intensity scared but also amazed and fascinated that I kept looking at him unable to close my eyes for a moment, then he leaned to me and said: "I love you" and then I could not continue to open my eyes,and I closed them for a moment and when I opened my eyes again he had disappeared.

The same story repeated in all its details for a period of six months, whenever the full moon, he shows up and when I close my eyes, he disappears.

I know that this seems incredible, and for this reason I did not tell my story to anyone before, but I am not looking for drawing attention .

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