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Talking dog!
Asir Alruoh – Syria
We are simple rural family living in a small village where I and my father work to make a living. My father worked in the city, while I was working in a nearby village. My friend worked with me also, and he was not better than us in terms of financial situation , he was an orphan, works to feed his ... ...
Date : 2019-04-06
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My problem with number 11?!
But after a while, I noticed something strange, that the number 11 is repeated frequently on the mobile screen. For example, if I am in the middle of a lecture at my university or talk to my colleagues, and I open the mobile accidentally to see the time, I always find number 11 in front of me on ... ...
Date : 2019-03-05
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Where did the companion of darkness go?
Mohamed Zaki - Egypt
One night, I was returning home, and it was about 1:00 am. The street where my apartment was located was quiet and empty. Unfortunately my arrival coincided with the power outage, where everything drowned in the dark, and the stray dogs' bark rose, as if announcing its control of the street at that ... ...
Date : 2019-02-09
Viewed : 1904

Has my daughter died or is she still alive?
My life is over - Iraq
In the past I published my story and told you about the death of my daughter, that tragic event that destroyed my life. Today I want to tell you about something that has recently take away sleep from my eyes. That is I always see my daughter who died in my dreams as if she were still alive. ...
Date : 2019-02-06
Viewed : 1862

They think she is crazy!
Shams Tarhal - Egypt
The problem began when the daughter of my uncle's wife's sister suffered from psychological problems because she advanced in age without getting married. She often come to my uncle's house with her mother and sometimes come down to our apartment to greet us. One day, as she was visiting us, she ... ...
Date : 2019-02-05
Viewed : 1551

Curse of the Pharaohs struck me!
By: Nada – Egypt
One day I came back from school and found the whole family together, my uncles and their sons. I did not understand why they were all in our house, but I was happy with them. I loved my relatives and especially my uncles. But when I wanted to enter and greet them my mother stopped me and said: they ... ...
Date : 2018-12-04
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Ghost of my living mom!
Ahmed Al-Rubaie - Iraq
This is a true story that occurred when I was eight or nine years old - now I am 35 years old - my mother was a teacher at the primary school near our house, and she usually returns home at around 1:00 pm. One day, while my father and I are sitting in the living room, my mother returned early two ... ...
Date : 2018-11-20
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Someone is talking in my mind!
Wahid - Egypt
I suffer from something you may call it obsession, a voice whispering in my head I don't know what caused it ... As if there is someone talking to me in my mind constantly as if a friend of mine !! When I have a problem, when I want to make a step in my life... He speaks and advises me, as if he ... ...
Date : 2018-10-12
Viewed : 1762

A terrifying nightmare turned into reality
By: Dr. Adam Al - Hamdani - No country
About a month ago, on one of the dark winter nights, about two-thirty after midnight… I had a strange dream, that I was in a closed corridor and that a wicked entity was moving towards me and approaching me, and I was trying to get away feeling upset as I see him approaching me more and more.I ... ...
Date : 2018-08-28
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Have you ever seen a part of the future?
Razan – Saudi Arabia
One day I saw a strange dream but it was very short, just saw a man walking in a corridor with nothing special, but the thing that shocked me was after three days when I went to a market and it was a very ordinary day, but something happened I could not believe. While I was walking in the market, ... ...
Date : 2017-02-04
Viewed : 2515

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