Flying far away

By : By: Fadwa – Marroco

Dear reader, I would like to tell you my weird story. What I'm being through confused me and my family as well.

The whole thing started when I was 10. I felt that my soul leaves my body and travels to other places. When I told my mother she said that I'm imagining this, but this situation has developed that I could travel to space! One day, I traveled to this strange planet, it looked like earth but the inhabitants were nothing like human. They were communicating with me through telepathy and by drawing some sort of symbols and signs on my hands.

Once again, my soul traveled to a distant country where my uncle lives. At first I took the plane and there were many voyagers but they couldn't see me. I arrived to my uncle's house, I walked around and explored the house, and I could clearly see everything there. During summer holidays, my uncle visited us and I started to describe his house…rooms, walls, furniture and everything. He was amazed because what I said was true…he asked me how I know all of this, I told him it was a dream.

The strangest thing of all is that when I was a kid and my soul travels, I see things that really exist now for instance in cartoon and movies!

After a while a cousin told me that this is called Astral Travel and usually people achieve this through intensive practice. In my case, this happens to me automatically without prior knowledge or training.

* The above story is translated from Arabic. Original text : here

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