Things that happens to me while sleeping

By : By: Samt Al wadaa Al Akhir – Morocco

I was sleeping heavily, wasn't dreaming nor awake yet; but I felt myself speaking… words! I jumped up frightened as I spoke the last word, I was very confused, it was not me who was speaking, it wasn't even my voice… it was a harsh raspy voice, definitely a man's voice!

But how could this be…?!

I was so shocked and afraid and panicked I immediately started praying to God to protect me from the evils of the Devil, praying hysterically! Then I laid down on my left side and spitted three times while denouncing the Devil, a common custom to do when you have a bad dream, even though I knew very well that I wasn't dreaming, but I did it anyway to calm myself down a bit! After that I didn't feel myself until the alarm clock woke me up in the morning.

Almost a year before this incident, I remember that something strange also happened to me back then, also while sleeping, I dreamt that I was having sex with a strange man that I didn't know; it was against my consent, but I couldn't do anything to stop it nor could I even scream! It was like I was drugged and had no control over my body! I was just lying there, with that stranger doing whatever he wants with me.

What was strange about that ordeal is that I woke up weak and exhausted, and I felt a strong pain in my crotch, the sort of pain caused by penetration, it was so severe I couldn't get up, I just laid in my bed until midday.

I don't know what exactly happened to me, but everything I felt was real. I was so afraid I couldn't say anything to my family and I also haven't told my husband yet about any of these incidents, even though he believes in these things.

I have yet to find any explanation to this experience of mine, I looked through the internet for an answer to no avail! I don't know if it was just a mere dream that I confused with reality or if it was something else that only God almighty knows.

* The above story is translated from Arabic. Original text : here

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