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Have you ever seen a part of the future before?

By : By: Razan – Saudi Arabia

My tale is sort of short, but I shall share it with you nonetheless.

One day I saw a strange dream, a very short one. I saw a man walking through a passageway! Of course nothing special about that, but what caused my real amazement is that few days after seeing that dream, I went to the market place and it was an ordinary day initially but then something unbelievable happened! While I was walking in the market I suddenly saw the exact same man that I saw in my dream, what was even more strange was that he was walking through the exact same passageway that I've seen in my dream! I felt very scared at that moment, I couldn't believe what I just saw.

After I returned home I told my family about the whole matter but they paid little to no attention to me, they told me that I probably confused things and what I saw was nothing more than a hallucination, that I imagined it all, but I'm certain it was the same man! The question that puzzles me is, is it possible to see the future or predict it through visions and dreams?

Did any of you ever have a similar experience or a strange occurrence in your dreams or seen the future in them?

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2021-07-01 03:07:05

Nia Says :

Have seen part of the future: finally I've found someone just like me. Believe me, this thing also happened. Many many times. My told me it's deja Vu...but I thought that was different because this thing I saw in my dream then it actually happened!



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