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In this site, we care about all that is strange, frightening and mysterious, such as the stories of serial killers, historical and scientific mysteries, urban legends, myths and other things that relate to the strangeness and supernatural. We are also interested in publishing short horror and fictional stories as well as strange or frightening experiences written and sent by readers.

In this site, the reader will notice that the nature of some of the published topics, and even the name and design of the site, reflect a Middle Eastern and Arab background. In fact, this site is the English version of the Arabic site (, and most of our topics are taken from there. But we do not hesitate to publish topics that are not of an Arab and oriental nature. We care about the strange and terrifying subjects in general, wherever they are in this vast world.

In this site, we respect the copyrights, and do not copy or "steal" threads from other sites. All of our topics are written by our own effort, so we hope that our copyrights are respected and no one will copy or quote from our site until you have requested permission.

In this site, we call for love and tolerance among all peoples, renounce hatred and racism, and we wish everyone, regardless of their culture, race and religion, to participate and contribute with us in this site either by writing, commenting or expressing opinion.

finally.. I wish you a good and enjoyable time with us.

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