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Strange dreams: The Ghost Who Exposed Its Killer

By : Ayad Attar

One morning in 1977, the nurse, Remy Chua, woke up with signs of sadness and annoyance on her face. When her husband asked her why she was upset, she told him that her friend, Teresita Basa , who was murdered two weeks ago in her apartment in Chicago, Illinois , had visited her in the dream.

In vain, her husband tried to convince her that she was just dreaming, but Remy insisted that what she saw in her dream was not just a fleeting dream, she was sure her late friend was trying to send a message to her from the other world.

On the following nights, the dream is repeated, and it becomes clearer and more detailed, like a scene from a movie, in which Teresita stands in the middle of her apartment with a naked body covered with burns and a knife embedded in her chest, she was talking to a man in the uniform of maintenance workers. From the color of his hands, Remy knew he was a black-skinned man, but she could not see his face because he was standing and gave her his back, suddenly, Teresita stopped talking to the man and put her hands on his shoulder and then turn him leisurely to face Remy.

Once the man turned around, Remy immediately recognized him, he was the maintenance worker at the hospital where she worked, named Alan Showery.

At this very moment, a fire suddenly appeared and spread all over the place and Teresita begins to scream… Remy awakes from her sleep trembling. Her husband told her the next morning that he heard her whisper in her sleep: "I'm Teresita Basa... I want you to inform the police. .. The man who killed me named Alan... he stole my jewelry and gave some of them to his girlfriend. "

Finally the couple decided to go to the police, Remy told them the details of her strange dream, of course they did not take her words seriously at first, but the exact description of what Teresita saw during the dream attracted the attention of one of the interrogators, as it was close to what Teresita 's body looked like when the police found her corpse. So the investigator was curious to visit Alan Showery in his apartment just to ask him a few questions. Alan was shocked by this sudden visit and began to stutter in his words. He admitted to visiting Teresita in her apartment on the day of her death to repair her TV, but denied any connection to the circumstances of her murder.

Alan's confusion and hesitation made doubts hover around him, so the police start watching him around the clock. Also the investigator visited his girlfriend, who admitted that Alan had recently given her a jeweled ring, and it turned out that the ring was among the stolen jewelry from the apartment of Teresita.

Surrounded by the irrefutable evidence that condemns him, Alan finally confessed to the murder, said that Teresita Basa, 49, had summoned him to her apartment on the day of the crime to repair her television and he attacked her by surprise , raping her first , then killing her by stabbing by the knife and steal her money and jewelry and then he set fire in the apartment to destroy the evidence that may condemn him, but the fire was extinguished on its own without causing much damage to the crime scene.

Alan Showery was tried for murder, and the dream that led to his conviction left everyone puzzled and surprised. Some consider it as evidence of the justice of heaven. I personally do not understand why this justice does not include everyone, because there are thousands of murder crimes committed annually, however the ghosts of the victims don’t appear in anyone's dreams to reveal the name of the killer!.

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