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Ghost of my living mom!

By : Ahmed Al-Rubaie - Iraq

 This is a true story that occurred when I was eight or nine years old - now I am 35 years old - my mother was a teacher at the primary school near our house, and she usually returns home at around 1:00 pm.

One day, while my father and I are sitting in the living room, my mother returned early two hours before her usual time and walked directly through the sitting room without saying a word or even looking at us.

My father and I waited for her to come into the living room after changing her clothes, but after a while we did not hear anything and the house was quiet. My father called my mother loudly but no one answered.

Then my father asked me to go to the kitchen and the bedroom to find out why my mother did not answer, but the surprise was that my mother was not at home at all.

So I went back and told my father, and he was surprised a little and raised his eyebrows as if he were saying to me: "maybe I imagined", and he did not ask me if I had seen my mother enter, but I know what he saw because I saw the same thing.

You may say that maybe my mother has already entered the house but she came out again from another door. But our house has one entrance, and this entrance passes through the sitting room. If she had gone out again, we would have seen her.

When my mother returned to the house at the usual time, my father did not tell her what had happened because he thought he had been delusion.

And to this day I do not know who was the woman who entered our house that day. Is it reasonable that I and my father imagined and saw the same thing at the same time?

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