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Curse of the Pharaohs struck me!

By : By: Nada – Egypt

We live in the countryside. One day I came back from school and found the whole family together, my uncles and their sons. I did not understand why they were all in our house, but I was happy with them. I loved my relatives and especially my uncles. But when I wanted to enter and greet them my mother stopped me and said: they speak in adult matters.

I was surprised at my mother's response because she never spoke to me like this. Soon I heard the sound of a quarrel. I left my studies and went down to know the reason for this quarrel. I saw my father talking to my uncles in a way I had never seen. And I heard him say: Have you lost your mind? You follow an imposter person! , There is no treasure, this is just delirium, and I don’t want to participate in this, it is illegal, these are things belonging to the state.

At first I did not understand what they were talking about, but gradually it began to unfold, I knew that our ancestors the Pharaohs had left behind many treasures, and that my uncles knew that there was a pharaonic treasure buried under my grandfather's old house. They wanted to dig it secretly, but my father warned them, he said he would inform the police if they began digging for treasure.

But as the days passed, my uncles managed to convince my father. One night I heard him say to my mother: he had agreed to dig. My mother said: How do you say you agreed? You said first that you will inform the police.. This money is cursed! ..

And they started digging, I used to pray that they would not find anything, and I asked God to forgive my father and my uncles. My mother was sad and always cries, my father changed completely in the way he spoke to her, he said to her: Once I find this treasure I will marry again!.

After two weeks they found the treasure and sold it secretly, but the joy of money was quickly lost, my uncles became divorced and then married other women, their morals changed, their goodness faded, they became other people, and my father also married another woman. My mother was not sad because he got married, but because he changed and became treated us harshly.

Things started to get worse, home was full of problems, my mother asked for a divorce, she went to her family and left us, and she no longer asked about us. My stepmother was evil. We became constantly crying for our mother and ask for her return, we were not happy anymore. My father was in constant conflict with my uncles about money, and they began to suffer from diseases they did not know before. They became wealthy and their money increased, but their grief and suffering increased too.

One of my uncles lost three of his children in an accident and died of his grief. Other uncle, his daughters divorced, one of them committed suicide, another run away, and his son suffered a chronic illness and died. My third uncle, his sons started taking drugs and one died of overdose. As for us, my little brother died of a bite of a snake, and my father was so sad that he could no longer move. The money increased but the joy disappeared.

I read about the curse of the Pharaohs. I wanted to know why the calamities haunted us. Is it because of the treasure we found, or is God's wrath on us because of our greed.. But why do I also suffer? Why nightmares haunt me.. When I sleep I see treasures, and mummies running behind me, and when I wake up I find scratches in my body.

I went with my older brother to a doctor. When he examined me, he said, "You do not suffer from any disease”. I also went to a psychiatrist and he said the same to me, but my condition is getting worse, I do not know why, and why does this happen to me? I'm the good girl who did not hurt anyone in her life.

Is it really the curse of the pharaohs, or is it the curse of money and greed, I hope to find an answer to my questions.

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