Has my daughter died or is she still alive?

By : My life is over - Iraq

In the past I published my story and told you about the death of my daughter, that tragic event that destroyed my life. Today I want to tell you about something that has recently take away sleep from my eyes. That is I always see my daughter who died in my dreams as if she were still alive.

You may say that the passion for motherhood and the shock of losing my daughter are behind those dreams, but her younger sister also sees in her dreams that her sister is still alive.

Although we have confirmed her death in the hospital, but why do we see her in our dreams, and she tells us that she is still alive, and we have seen twice that some people are treating her, and many other visions we do not know why come so!! Can it be a message to us that she is still alive??

I hope readers help me with this because I am so tormented by those visions which give us some hope.. Even though when I wake up from those dreams, I can't find my late daughter near me, I can't hug her and take her in my arms. But those visions make me wonder: maybe she did not die. Maybe someone took her from the hospital and treated her. And she lives now somewhere.

* The above story is translated from Arabic. Original text : here

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