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Where did the companion of darkness go?

By : Mohamed Zaki - Egypt

I work as a sales manager in one of the largest furniture companies in Egypt. My work hours are from 11 am to 11 pm, and the way back home takes more than an hour and a half, so when I get home the clock is over midnight.

One night, I was returning home, and it was about 1:00 am. The street where my apartment was located was quiet and empty. Unfortunately my arrival coincided with the power outage, where everything drowned in the dark, and the stray dogs' bark rose, as if announcing its control of the street at that cursed hour. The atmosphere was scary, but I kept my nerves until I reached the door of the building where I live, where my apartment is located on the 12th floor. For a moment I stood up and thought about what to do. Without electricity, the elevator could not be used. And the idea of climbing 12 floors in this darkness seemed troublesome, as well as staying at the door of the building in the hope of a return of electricity, especially with these dogs barking at the door .. I was puzzled what to do, and stood there motionless.

I don’t know why I was so pessimistic that night, I looked at the gloomy stair with suspicion and felt that trying to climb the stair to the 12th floor wouldn’t end well, imagining that there is a jinn or demon lying in wait for me somewhere in the darkness to suddenly get out and freeze blood in my veins

Please don’t make fun of my fears, and don’t try advise me to be brave.. You are definitely stretching now in your warm bed while I stand here on the thresholds of the kingdom of the devilish darkness!

For your information, I have iron nerves and a strong body, but the devilish imagination blew all that at that moment.

Suddenly a man came from afar. He was walking strangely and uncommonly in the dark. He was medium in height and body, wearing a black coat that gave him a mysterious appearance. .. He approached me with all confidence and said, "Are you up?"  .. I found myself reacting like a hypnotist and replied: "Yes". He smiled a malicious smile, or that's what I imagined!, then he said: "So let's climb the stairs together to reassure and amuses each other, and by the way, I am your neighbor on the 14th floor".

I swear to God that his appearance wasn’t at all comfortable, and for a moment I heard him laughing like a hyena!

We start climbing, I hoped he wouldn’t speak, but suddenly he said: "The apartments that have not yet lived and in the finishing stage are the ones that cause terror and imagination". I said to myself that this talk is not quite appropriate for this situation, but I kept going up with him and I am ready to confront and fight at any moment with this person who I don’t know what he is or from where he came.

On the sixth floor, the current suddenly returned, and to my astonishment I found myself alone!, I looked around me and didn’t find him. He disappeared as if it had evaporated in the air!

By God, this is what happened to me and this is my story. By the way, I forgot to tell you that the whole building is 13 stories and never has a 14th floor, which the companion of darkness told me he is ascend to!

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