My problem with number 11?!

By : Sanna

Once I heard, in a television shows, that number "11" is sacred. I did not care much about that and thought it was just superstition

But after a while, I noticed something strange, that the number 11 is repeated frequently on the mobile screen. For example, if I am in the middle of a lecture at my university or talk to my colleagues, and I open the mobile accidentally to see the time, I always find number 11 in front of me on the screen!.

At first I said sarcastically: "Just a coincidence." But other strange things soon occurred and make me reconsider.

Once, my mobile screen hanged, and strangely it stopped on this number and did not open until I changed the minutes box.. And this situation repeated again, I was puzzled, I tried to find an explanation, I told myself it could be related to the biological clock, and tried to convince myself with other similar explanations.

Once, I was printing the lecture papers when a paper slipped out of them and fell to the ground. When I lifted it, I found it was paper number 11! .. And when I went to university and entered the laboratory, and sat randomly behind one of the computers.. I was surprised that the device number is 11!.

It happened that I was asleep, and in the middle of a deep sleep I wake up for a moment and looked at the wall clock to found it was eleven o'clock!.

I remember on the night of the Supermoon I woke up from sleep three times and looked at the wall clock, every time I found the minute hand is on eleven!.

I realized after all these events that there is something hidden behind this matter and it is not just a coincidence.. But I do not know what this thing is and what should I do?

I wonder with curiosity if any such weird things have happened to you? Or is it only me!

* The above story is translated from Arabic. Original text : here

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