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My miserable life

By : By Jani Ahmed

I am a fourteenth years old girl. My story started when I was six, I was then an innocent little girl full of love for all people. I didn't know much of the cases of harassment and rape that was happening to the teenage girls, I was a child I know nothing of these things. I won't be long... I'll tell you my story from A to Z.

I used to go and spend the night at my aunt's, and I used always to sit with her husband ... he liked me, but his love was strange even though he was like a father to me at the time. He was always acting with me strangely, he used to touch my body and to kiss me and I did not say a single word because of my fear and my surprise.

After two years or more when I was to go to buy some things from one of our neighboring groceries, the grocer used to hug me and kiss me, I was hurt by what happens to me and I could not say that to my family , I was scared and could not express my feelings, but he did not do it with me only, he was doing that to many of the girls who were smarter than me and reported to their parents, and because of those parents would dispute him, he had to shut down his shop.

Almost a year later, my sister got married and lived not far from our house so I sometimes go and sleep in her house. Her husband loved me so much. One day, I was spending the night at my sister's and I woke up in the middle of the night to find her husband asleep beside me , but I did not pay attention and returned to sleep. I was sleeping on my front side, and suddenly he began to touch my body . I can't describe to you how terrified I was by then, and how much I hate him now because he still acts strangely with me until now, and because I am a teenager now, he acts even more strangely than at the beginning.

There is also something else that happened to me , something that I can never forget , I have talked to you about people who are not considered as close relatives ... but this person is my grandfather ... Yes, Grandpa! .. I could not believe what happened to me and tried to give him excuse in every way , but what was happening to me happened deliberately , he was always hitting me on my body in order to foreplay , one night, I was sleeping in his bed, and I woke up and found him touching my body. And I can tell that this is the last person that can do such things to me.

I cannot describe to you the pain inside me. How could it be? I now consider myself crazy, I tried to kill myself several times because of those aches that cannot be forgotten.

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There are 1 comments in this post

2021-06-22 16:08:16

Mel Says :

This story horrifies me as a victim of child sexual abuse ! This poor girl ! My heart cries for her.



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