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Child girl crying for her children!

By : Hadeel - Lebanon

This story about a girl from the city of Tartus in Syria, this girl was born in a middle class family, sometimes I saw her through the balcony of my house, which overlooks their house, sitting in one corner and crying, and I saw her father say to her firmly: "You are a child and we are your family  ... Do not say that nonsense”.

I was puzzled by the matter of this girl, especially since I was a new to this neighborhood.

As the days passed, I gradually learned that this girl, since she began to speak, crying bitterly and asking her parents to take her to her home and children!. Because of the intensity of her weeping and wailing, her father sometimes loses his temper and beat her, until she got very depressed and rarely went out of the house.

I stayed in this neighborhood for several years and my relationship with the girl's family became stronger. Gradually I knew the secret of this girl. She claims that she does not want to live with her current family because she does not really belong to them, she was originally born in Homs and lived all her life there - According to her parents she never went to Homs - and she has 3 children, she misses them a lot and always cries their parting.

She told me that she was married to a man who beat her and treated her harshly, and also beat her children a lot. She said the name and place where she lived, the names of her children, everything in detail. She told me the phone number of her house and even said in detail how she died : "My children and me were sitting eating meat pies when my husband came and annoyed me then he started beating me and I choked with a piece of food”.

I was really amazed at all these details. Is it conceivable that it is just a little girl's fantasies?

I never believed in these things, but I learned later that most of what she said was true, but how could something like that happen? I started looking on the net to try to understand this strange phenomenon, and I found that some call it reincarnation. But I think it has to do with the Qareen - A spiritual double of human according to Islamic beliefs, something like a Doppelgänger -.

I know that most of you will not believe this, I was like you, but I experienced this story myself, and so my convictions changed.

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