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Back from hell!

By : Ayad Attar

Doctors did not expect Harry Hoyt to live for more than a few hours. He was unconscious and seriously injured when they brought him to the hospital after his car overturned on a highway. His condition was critical and he was placed in intensive care with little hope of survival.

But Harry stick to life and surprised everyone when he got out of his coma a few days later and his body began to recover quickly, and soon he regained his ability to speak. In fact, it would have been better if he remained silent! because he started raving with things that were hard to believe, claiming that he had died during the period which he was in coma and his soul had left his body to found himself standing on the edge of a vast and deep valley raging with fire and lava and replete with countless people of all ages, races .. all screaming, weeping and begging without anyone caring to them, surrounded by terrifyingly demons tormented them by relentless torment.

Back from hell!

While Harry stands watching these terrible scenes and trembles with fear, four of these demons came toward him, each of them carries a long and heavy chain. Harry wanted to escape but he was unable to move for some reason, and as soon as they reached him, they yelled at him with a terrifying cry that shook all over that scary valley, and then threw their chains towards him, grabbed his four limbs and dragged him to the bottom of the flaming Valley.

At this moment, Harry realized that he had died, and his entire life began to pass before his eyes as if he were watching a movie, a life full of sins and guilt. Finally realized he was in hell as a result of that wrong life, and began to scream and cry because of that miserable fate. He begged for mercy, but no one cared or paid attention, because in that terrible valley everyone screams, pleads, and weeps ... But it is too late for forgiveness.

The demons dragged Harry until they reached a small hole in which flames blazed like dancing snakes, it was like a small volcano, and Harry quickly realized it was his pit, because everyone in that valley has his own pit. The demons pushed Harry into the pit and then started torturing him with most severe torments, and whenever his skin is burned and torn, it was replaced with a new skin.

Harry did not know how much he had stayed in that damned pit. But he felt like he had stayed there for a very long time, and that his torture would never end.

But suddenly, from nowhere, A mysterious white hand appeared and grabbed his neck and then pulled him out of that pit, then flew him away from that terrible valley. The last thing Harry remembered was the sight of demons as they flew behind him trying to catch him to bring him back. They almost reached him, and he closed his eyes in horror, but when he opened them again he found himself in the hospital lying on the bed of the critical care unit.

Harry's story was really strange, to the extent that it is hard to believe, so everyone thought that the injury had affected the man's mind.

Strangeness of the story does not end here. A few days later Harry was discharged from hospital, he went home trying to forget what had happened and to start a new meaningful life. But after about a week, Harry's neighbors called the police, complaining of a loud music coming from his house.

When police came to the house and knocked on the door, Harry opened with a pale face. They asked him why loud noises coming from his house, he told them in horror that the demons of hell came to his house to bring him back to Hell, And that the only way to keep them away is by playing music with high sound!.

Of course, police did not believe this nonsense. They thought that the man was suffering from a mental disorder. They insisted that he lowered the music so as not to disturb his neighbors and they threatened to arrest him if he did not, and if he disturbed his neighbors again. He had to obey them and the police left after making sure that he had lowered the music.

But it was only hours before the neighbors called the police to complain again about the loud music coming from Harry's house. And once again the policemen came, this time knocked the door violently, and when they received no response, they broke the door ..

Inside they found Harry lying on the floor dead, the burns were filling his body to the extent that he turned into a black distorted mass. On the wall behind him there was a blood-written distress saying, "I'm in hell. Please help me."

Back from hell!

Harry's burning body image was soon leaked to the press and published in newspapers and magazines. In fact, that picture is the only evidence of the authenticity of this story. Although personally I did not understand how Harry died and went to hell and then released to come back to life! .. And why they followed him to bring him back to hell if they had allowed him to go out in the first place. You may also be surprised by this story, but there are those who believe that Harry's story actually happened to give humans a glimpse of what awaits them in the Otherworld, and In order to induce them to follow a new approach in their lives based on spirituality, honesty and goodness.

In fact, are very common on the net, its heroes are people of different nationalities, religions and cultures, they claims to have died and their souls went to the Otherworld, where they saw heaven or hell. These stories and experiences are more widely known as the "near-death experience".

Let's take other samples of stories similar to that of Harry. That is, those stories that talks about hell.

One day of 1981, German Veronika Barthel, 22, was driving her car on an outlying road, returns to her grandmother's house from a noisy party set up by some friends. The weather was bad, raining heavily, and there were lightning strikes from time to time, unfortunately one of which hit Veronica's car.

Veronica described what happened, saying that the glass of her car was shining with bright white light, she had strong sense that she had died, but to her astonishment, her spirit did not leave the car, but remained stuck in the driver's seat, holding the steering wheel with both her burned hands, then the car suddenly started on its own and went very fast inside a dark tunnel that was like a deep riverbed. The journey ended quickly at a huge gate that said, "Welcome to Hell!”.

Back from hell!

At the gate, scary beings appeared and took Veronica to what looked like a waiting room. There, Veronica saw crowds of people crying and begging while those dreadful beings lead them to a long bridge ends with a big lake of fire, there, people are thrown, their cries filled with pain and despair. It is strange that every one of them was busy by himself and does not pay attention to those around him, even if they are his parents or sibling or children.

The air was heavy in that place, filled with an unbearable smell. There were countless scary snakes crawling over every inch of the land of that great holocaust. There were also red caves, like ovens, where people forcibly pushed to, and at the door of each cave stand one of those scary beings, holding a long spear aimed at anyone who tries to escape, he never miss, and a stab by his spear causes unspeakable pain.

The good side of Veronica's story is that her stay in Hell did not last long, she suddenly found herself back in her burning car on the road and was rescued, but she was convinced that what she saw was not a dream. This incident has greatly affected her and changed her life forever.

Story of Veronica is neither rare nor unique in the NDE world. there were others who claimed to have visited Hell, but the experience of American Professor Howard Storm is somewhat different, because he did not reached hell, But was on his way there!. His experience is one of the most famous NDE experiences, received extensive media coverage and he was guest on several popular television programs such as Oprah Winfrey show.

Professor Storm's story begins in 1988 when he was a professor of arts at the Northern Kentucky University. He was an atheist at the time, and was known as a nervous and rude person in his dealings with others. In June of that year, the prof traveled with a group of his students on a field trip to France accompanied by his wife.

On that trip, during a tour in Paris, Prof Storm suddenly fell unconscious and was rushed to the hospital. There his condition was diagnosed as a hole in the duodenum, perhaps due to ulcers, immediate surgery was needed. In fact, his condition was so bad that he was convinced that he would soon die, so he bid farewell to his wife then closed his eyes and and lost consciousness.

Prof. Storm says that he opened his eyes again to find himself standing in the middle of the hospital room where he was lying. The pain was completely gone and he felt energetic and very sensitive senses. To his astonishment, his body was still lying motionless on the bed, and next to the bed his wife was weeping. He tried talk to her in order to calm her down, but she apparently was not able to hear his voice, and obviously she cannot see him.

Back from hell!

And while he stands confused and does not know what to do, suddenly he heard a voice calling his name; he followed the voice to the outside of the room to find some strangers waiting in the corridor. They were dressed all in black and their faces were very pale, their looks were uncomfortable. They urged him to go with them through the dark corridor, when he did not respond to them; they pushed him to force him to walk. The prof quickly realized that these people had evil intentions, and when he asked them: who you are?, they told him that they had come for him, and that they had been waiting for him for a long time. During this conversation their faces began to take ugly forms. They became more hostile, began attack him savagely to get him to go with them. They beat, bite and scribbled his body with their fingernails, and did other things that Prof. Storm said he could not talk about.

At that critical moment, while horror was overshadowing and dominating Prof. Storm's feelings, he heard a faint voice coming from within him ... a voice calling on him to resort to God. Prof. Storm began repeating the name of God, and immediately observed that mention of God makes those creepy beings suffer a severe bout of madness and anger and begin to direct very obscene insults, but at the same time they were moving away from him, and by repeating name of God over and over, these beings completely disappeared and prof. Storm remained alone in the darkness in which quickly dissipated to be replaced by a bright beings that immersed him with love and peace.

The prof spoke with those bright beings for a short moment and then closed his eyes and opened them to find himself lying back on the  bed and a nurse tells him that the doctors had arrived and he would be rushed to the operation room immediately.

Prof. Storm's surgical operation was successful, and then returned to the United States where he left atheism and became one of the most faithful believers in God and the existence of heaven and hell.

Regardless of the truth of Prof. Storm's experience, and other stories mentioned in this article, but these stories are so popular and books which written about it lying in the top of the list of sales even in the most advanced countries such as the United States. This, in my opinion, is not surprising if we know that all human beings, without exception, are thirsty to know what will happen to them after death, perhaps because that knowledge helps them overcome their chronic fear of death, especially since most of these experiences convey a bright and reassuring image of the Otherworld, where souls leaves this world to find their dead relatives and friends waiting for them with open arms and smiling faces to take them into a world where there is no pain, sadness, sickness, fear or hatred. Wonderful world.. worthy of wonderful people.

It is noteworthy that most of the promoters of these experiences are the religious organizations and institutions. Most of these experiences are strictly religious in nature, and serve religious purposes and objectives because they are evidence of the existence of the Otherworld and therefore are a powerful weapon to debate atheists and non-believers and refute their arguments. In addition, religions and sects take these experiences as a means - and as a competition! - to prove that their faith is the truest, and their path is the only path to God, Thus attracting more followers.

But the enthusiasm of religious bodies for these experiments is not matched by similar enthusiasm by scientists, where most of them see in this phenomenon (NDE) only a mental hallucination caused by the death of the brain, it is like turning off your computer, where the operating system closes all open programs and end all functions and clear the cache, This is exactly what the brain does when it dies, closes its parts and disrupts its function one by one, leading to disorder of mind, thought and imagination.

Back from hell!

But if NDEs are merely mental hallucinations, what is the interpretation of experiments that enable their heroes to describe things and events that occurred near them while they were completely absent from consciousness, something that proponents of NDEs consider to be the best proof that the soul's leaving the body actually after death. The similarity of descriptions and details that have been narrated by most of those who have passed through these experiences is also puzzling, researchers in these experiments say that nine out of every 10 people who passed NDEs spoke of a dark tunnel or corridor with a bright light at its end and which lead to a place full of tranquility and reassurance.

Finally, I do not know what awaits us on the other side; all I can say is that our fate after death is a matter of the Creator. But I personally believe that God is very loving and compassionate and generous and beautiful, and he knows very well what "hell" this is where we live on this miserable planet, where we manipulated by demons (politicians and others selfish idiots) in which have no parallel even in the deepest point of hell ..

And I am sure that Merciful God will not throw us into hell twice!.

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