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Reincarnation : a child who was killed in a previous life!

By : Moslem Aqeel

 Reincarnation is a condition occurs when someone who died some time ago returns to life but in another body.
This condition is a matter of controversy because most people do not believe in it or do not wish to believe that it is possible for the soul to transfer to another body and restore its life as if it was reborn. But what if this actually happened!

In the Golan Heights our baffling story happened to a child under the age of three. This child began telling stories about his previous life, how he died, and where he was buried, which terrified his parents and the people of his town.

Of course no one believed the child at first, but his extreme persistence prompted them to go with him to the site of the alleged crime, and there he made them dig, and how amazing and shocking it was when they actually found a skeleton of an unidentified corpse.

The child indicated that the murder was carried out by striking an ax on the head, and it is strange that the child carries a birthmark in the exact same place on his head! .. And after the continuous digging and extraction of the remains, an ax was found in the same place.

The most strange thing is that the child led them to the house of his killer and forced him to confess to the crime after they took him to the location of the exhumed corpse, which caused him to panic, so he confessed his crime completely.

This is a really strange story, but not stranger than the 5-year-old Luke, who surprised his mother with his stories that he was in fact a black girl named Pamela who had short hair and wore earrings similar to those worn by his mother. This talk terrified the Luke's mother a lot, especially when her son told her that he had died and his soul ascended to heaven and she saw her Creator, who pushed her to return as a new baby named Locke.
And the strangeness continues when they showed the child a picture of black women and said: (Choose your picture). He chose a picture of a girl, which later turned out to be Pamela and that it was actually Pamela Robinson, and that she had died in a hotel fire in 1993.

What do you think, dear reader?

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