I see people that I meet in my dreams!

By : Ali Amr - Egypt

I am of one of the those people to whom strange but not terrifying things happened. It started when I was 6 years old , but I remember the events as if they happened yesterday. I liked playing but I didn't like sleeping, I was scared of sleeping and would keep myself awaken as much as I could. One night, I quietly fell asleep and felt suddenly my heart beating so fast. I was asleep I couldn't move my body , and I found myself flying ? ! . I kept on calling my brother and my mother .. I kept screaming to wake up someone .. until I screamed my name so that I wake myself .. but all in vain .. I could not control my flying up to the sky until I found myself in a strange place, a place I've never been before . I found a girl who looked older than me and an elderly woman talking to me and treating me gently as if I was a member of their family , and I found my brother at my side playing with the girl and calling me to play with them . And I looked at myself and I found that I wear clothes different from the ones I was wearing to sleep..

In the meantime, I was still rejecting the idea that I was dreaming and I tried to convince myself that it's real until I bit myself vigorously, I felt a very sharp pain and I woke up sweating and I felt that my arm hurt me, I checked it and found the impact of a small bite. I said, Thank God It was a dream , but I kept thinking about it, and I later told my mom what happened, she did not believe me .. I didn't believe myself either ..

The following night I slept with so big anxiety that I hugged my younger brother, but at my misfortune, the dream repeated again. This time, I was crying because I didn't want to repeat that frightening feeling, I was scared even though people did not harm me, and I met new people who I do not remember the details. I continued to meet new people of different ages in my dreams for a long time .

Two years later, we moved to a different place, We had new neighbors and surprise!!! Our new neighbors are the same girl and the same old woman of my dreams ! . I tried to remind my mom of the dream I told her at that time. I told her: "Do you believe me now when I told that we were going to meet a girl and an elderly woman ? " . She said she did not remember . Later in my life I met other people I have seen in my dreams , including my uncles and my cousins who I never met before because they lived far from us.

Anyway .. I told this story to all I met.. but no one believed me except my brother .

* The above story is translated from Arabic. Original text : here

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