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The girl who ate her father!

By : Nihad - Algeria

I wanna share a scary story that we used to tell it all the time in my country when were children.

This story is about a little girl named Nora that her father passed away recently.

One day, her mom sent her to buy some meat . On her way to the store , she met some kids , so she asked them if she can play with them. They told her that the only way to do that is that she has to pay them , the girl did so and gave them the money she was supposed to buy the meat with.
The girl played and played until the sundown , and she freaked out because her mom was waiting for her to bring the meat .

The girl had an insane idea to get the meat since she doesn't have any money , so she went to her father's grave and started digging . After she got the meat she needed , she went home. Her mom cooked dinner using the meat without knowing what her daughter had done .

That night Nora went to bed as she was trying to sleep , she heard a voice , and it was her father calling her name . He said Nora i am in your neighbourhood ..

She freaks out and opens her eyes , and then she heard him again and he said :
Nora i am in front of your house ...
Nora i am on the first floor ....
Nora i am in the second floor ...

and then the sound stopped suddenly she heard a wisper close to her ear : Nora i am behind you.

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