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Reincarnation : a child who was killed in a previous life!
short hair and wore earrings similar to those worn by his mother. This talk terrified the Luke's mother a lot, especially when her son told her that he had ...

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The craziest government: exterminated third of its people!
Is this a joke? A government that exterminates a third of its people? !! Maybe a fictional horror story? No .. we only write about facts. indeed, a government ...

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Peter I: king whom love has transformed into a beast
The story of a king that the people named “The Cruel” for his bloodiness and the severity of his punishment. Yet, he was not cruel, at least not in his ...

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The words’ seller
Once upon a time, a young man, who was recently fired of his job, went out to look for a new job. He only had six pennies. Suddenly, he found himself standing ...

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La Planchada: The Ghost Nurse
It was midnight; Maria was sitting alone behind a small office at the end of a long corridor with a bright floor and open doors on either side. Everything in ...

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Real express

My problem with number 11?!
But after a while, I noticed something strange, that the number 11 is repeated frequently on the mobile screen. For example, if I am in the middle of a lecture ...

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Where did the companion of darkness go?
One night, I was returning home, and it was about 1:00 am. The street where my apartment was located was quiet and empty. Unfortunately my arrival coincided ...

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Has my daughter died or is she still alive?
In the past I published my story and told you about the death of my daughter, that tragic event that destroyed my life. Today I want to tell you about ...

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They think she is crazy!
The problem began when the daughter of my uncle's wife's sister suffered from psychological problems because she advanced in age without getting married. She ...

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Curse of the Pharaohs struck me!
One day I came back from school and found the whole family together, my uncles and their sons. I did not understand why they were all in our house, but I was ...

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Ghost of my living mom!
This is a true story that occurred when I was eight or nine years old - now I am 35 years old - my mother was a teacher at the primary school near our house, ...

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Someone is talking in my mind!
I suffer from something you may call it obsession, a voice whispering in my head I don't know what caused it ... As if there is someone talking to me in my ...

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A terrifying nightmare turned into reality
About a month ago, on one of the dark winter nights, about two-thirty after midnight… I had a strange dream, that I was in a closed corridor and that a ...

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