Strange dreams: appeared in the dream to guide them to her missing body!

By : Ayad Attar

For six months, Nimfa Dajay's children never stopped thinking about their lost mother and her mysterious fate, they could never believe what their father Fermin said about her sudden departure and flight from home.. Impossible.. Their affectionate mother, who sacrificed all her life for her eight children, how sensible that she abandoned them?

But Fermin insisted on his story, telling everyone that his wife had deserted him so suddenly and without any introductions.

In fact, Nimfa's departure was not surprising or unlikely for some neighbors and relatives who knew the family well. Because she had suffered for many years from the harsh behavior of her drunken husband who had always abused and beaten her. The relations between the couple have been much worse recently after Nimfa discovered that her husband had raped her younger sister, where she insisted on supporting her in filing a lawsuit against him.

Questions about Nimfa's disappearance and her mysterious fate have increased steadily after the death of her youngest son due to road accident, how is it possible that one of her sons dies and she does not return? ..

At that time, a neighbor, Alejandro Amoy, had a very strange dream, in which he saw Nimfa leading him to the septic tank near his home and demanding that he open it.

In the beginning, Alejandro did not pay much attention to the dream and soon forgot it. But after only a few days, Nimfa's eldest daughter called him and told him that she had seen her mother in a dream and she led her to a septic tank near his house and asked her to open it!. The two were shocked and amazed at how similar their dreams were. So Alejandro decided to open the tank and search it with the help of some of his neighbors and Nimfa's relatives, and how astonishing everyone was when they found a decomposed human body inside the tank!

Immediately, one of the Nimfa's sons recognize the dead body, the dress that was on it is the same that his mother wore on the night of her disappearance. It is certainly Nimfa's body.

Of course all the evidence went to indicate her husband's involvement in her death; he was quickly arrested by police and is now in a Philippine prison pending the punishment he deserves.

* The above story is translated from Arabic. Original text : here

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