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They came down from sky to have sex!
After I finished writing this article, I feel confused. because my idea about aliens revolved around two possibilities, either they would help us humans, or ...

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Mr. Béla Kiss's Mysterious barrels
The most terrifying thing about these corpses is that they were completely devoid of blood, they were pale corpses whose blood was sucked from their veins to ...

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The man who lived twice!
ELMER MCCURDY was a miserable man from his birth in 1880. He was known throughout his life for his addiction to alcohol and for failing miserably in every ...

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Beauty and the Beast: The True Story
In fact, the story is based on real events that took place in France about a century before the novel was published, a story that people forgot, but the writer ...

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If there were giants, where did they go?
It makes us wonder how they reached their size? How did they come into existence and how did they live? .. And the most important question is why did they ...

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Real express

My problem with number 11?!
But after a while, I noticed something strange, that the number 11 is repeated frequently on the mobile screen. For example, if I am in the middle of a lecture ...

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Where did the companion of darkness go?
One night, I was returning home, and it was about 1:00 am. The street where my apartment was located was quiet and empty. Unfortunately my arrival coincided ...

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Has my daughter died or is she still alive?
In the past I published my story and told you about the death of my daughter, that tragic event that destroyed my life. Today I want to tell you about ...

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They think she is crazy!
The problem began when the daughter of my uncle's wife's sister suffered from psychological problems because she advanced in age without getting married. She ...

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Curse of the Pharaohs struck me!
One day I came back from school and found the whole family together, my uncles and their sons. I did not understand why they were all in our house, but I was ...

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Ghost of my living mom!
This is a true story that occurred when I was eight or nine years old - now I am 35 years old - my mother was a teacher at the primary school near our house, ...

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Someone is talking in my mind!
I suffer from something you may call it obsession, a voice whispering in my head I don't know what caused it ... As if there is someone talking to me in my ...

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A terrifying nightmare turned into reality
About a month ago, on one of the dark winter nights, about two-thirty after midnight… I had a strange dream, that I was in a closed corridor and that a ...

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