Flying While Sleeping: Dream or Reality?

Written by: Abdel Rahim – Tunisia

For many years, I’ve experienced a sensation of flying or weightlessness during sleep. The peculiar part is that I’m often fully conscious during these moments, yet no one seems to believe me.

Sometimes, I find myself hovering near the ceiling, as if gravity has vanished. Efforts to descend are futile, and on the rare occasions I do, I awaken to complete paralysis (sleep paralysis).

Occasionally, my dreams involve flying in various locales. In one vivid dream, I soared through an all-blue sky, only to encounter someone. When I inquired about his identity, he claimed to hail from the fifth sky, which left me terrified and jolted me awake, screaming.

The most bizarre aspect is my heightened awareness during these flights; it almost doesn’t feel like a dream. I can control my movement, such as the speed of flight or altitude, and where to go.

In these dreams, I’m acutely conscious that what happen is abnormal. Questions like “How can I fly?” and “Why haven’t I flown before?” or “Am I the first person to fly?” often cross my mind.

Despite understanding that I’m asleep and dreaming, I retain control over my flight. For instance, I might fly from room to room within my house, venture to other buildings, visit specific streets or cities, or simply ascend towards the sky. On one occasion, I decided to explore space and found myself soaring beyond the atmosphere!

Typically, when I fly too far or too high, anxiety creeps in about being unable to return to my bed, leading to a terrified awakening and sleep paralysis.

This phenomenon has been with me since childhood, persisting to this day; the most recent incident happened just yesterday. I was flying around the house and asked my brothers to photograph me as proof for my friends that I’m neither insane nor a fabricator. Unfortunately, they refused, despite my persistence.

Now at 29, I seek a logical and scientific explanation for my experiences. I assure you, everything I’ve shared here is genuine and has truly happened to me.

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