The Legend of Barhout well

By : Ammar Hashem Mohammed Osman – Yemen

“Barhot” well, is a sleeping legend in the vast wilderness of the Barhut Valley in Hadramout, Yemen. It’s said to be the most hated spot in the earth to God, and from it will be the destruction of the world … and It has the worst water on the planet.

Barhout Valley is a desert valley located in the region of Figuet in the province of Al-Mahra. There is a large hole in this valley that extends to more than 100 square meters, and descends to the dark bottom of more than 250 meters. It is like a well but it is not made by humans.

king of the Himyarite (110 BCE–520 CE)

Some say that it was the Jinn who dug this deep hole for one of the kings of the Himyarite who ruled the region in the old time to hide his treasures. Others believe that it was dug up to be a jail for the jinn who came out of control.

The inhabitants of the region have many strange tales about the well, one of which tells us that in the past people have been through a period of severe drought, so they tied a man with ropes and slowly lower him into the well to bring water. When he reached the middle of the well, He screamed in terror to lift him. When they raised him, they found only half of his body.

They are also talking about a sheep shepherd who put her baby near the well, and the child disappeared in the blink of an eye.

There is a Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad that says: “The best water on the face of the earth, Zamzam water, and the worst water on the face of the earth, water in a valley in Hadramout named Barhout its water is black and stinky”

The wellhead looks like a crater

It is said that this deep well produces foul odors and toxic fumes at times. Its bottom can’t be seen because of the extreme darkness … But when the sun is completely perpendicular to the crater, the viewer is surprised by the presence of green vegetation which adapted to life in that toxic atmosphere and that dirty water

There are plants and birds living inside the well! .. Unfortunately there are no scientific missions to descend and discover inside the well

From personal experience I tell you now:  I have performed compulsory military service in a camp near the area.. In the desert of the Empty Quarter.

There was an ordinary well dug to provide the military site with water. But when the pump started working for the first time to withdraw the water, a black liquid came out of the well like tar.. The smell was unbearable.. Bad smell like rotten eggs.. I was nauseated by the severity of the smell. .

No one could use the water for at least 12 hours, as the odor subsided and black matter was deposited on the pond walls where water was collected

Nevertheless, I swear that I was unable to sleep from the smell of my clothes and my body odor after washing with that water

They told us that the water contains sulfur and other impurities that give it color and smell

It is certain that this well is connected to the same source that feeds the water of Barhout well and contains the same characteristics.. And it is actually: (the worst water on earth).


  1. I would like to get in there to see what’s creators lives in Well of Barhout

  2. A very well written account. Most impressive, there is a way in. It would be very costly but worth it. Thank you for this most interesting story. I believe you are truthful and honest.

  3. As i read the bible and watch documentaries i think this is the whole where enoch say the watchers were thrown. Its described as deep dark hole in the desert. Could be it where the deamons are condemed in prison?

  4. would it be so hard to put a drone with lights down inside??? It seems like it would be pretty simple to get lighting and a camera down there. I’d love to see what strange things were seen when they did get a hundred feet down. Why are they not telling us what those strange things were??? This is cool. I think it should be easy with all the technology we have to get a lighted drone down there.

  5. Yemen is a very ancient country..there are many is the land of the Queen of Sheba..
    There were pagan, Christian, Jewish and Islamic empires established on that land..
    There are hanging caves.. mummies.. traces of ancient civilizations and many secrets that have not yet been discovered
    Unfortunately, the country is in a constant war, so the excavation missions are impossible to go

  6. Yeah it’s so weird, would love to hear more about this place.

  7. Sounds like a deep reservoir of oil. Yemen could reap benefits by drilling here.

  8. I’m looking for material on excavations and research on this well. So far this is what I found, which is not much.

  9. Assalamuaaykum, why isn’t there much research about this well? I cannot find scientific article about this barhout well. It is very much odd. By the way, thanks for sharing your experience.

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