Zouhri Child: Key of hidden treasures!

By : Andalusian Moroccan – morocco

Six-year-old Nadia and her brother were on their way to school, when a black car with a smoked glass stopped at their side. A dark-skinned man wearing woolen robe like the one usually worn by Moroccans in the winter came out of the car.

The man approached Nadia, took some money out of his pocket and quickly put it in her hand while examining her palm well and staring in her eyes as if looking for something unknown to anyone else. Then he said, “Go ahead, my daughter, and buy some sweets. Do not forget to give some of it to your brother.

Nadia did not say a word, quickly put her hand in her brother’s hand as they fled because her mother always warned them not to trust the strangers, do not go with them or accept anything from them. but the man was faster than Nadia, quickly put his hand on her mouth then carried her by force and threw her into the hollow of his black car, which started at a crazy speed, leaving behind the little brother shouting with all his might: “help… they kidnapped my sister”.

The news was devastating to Nadia family. Police investigations began immediately to arrest the hijacker and return the missing girl to her family. The first hypothesis that the investigators have determined about the reasons for the kidnapping was that the girl was believed to be “Zouhri “, and it is very likely that she kidnapped by those who search for buried treasures.

Police suspicions were confirmed after a body of a beheaded girl was found lying in the outskirts of the neighboring forest.

Nadia’s mother accompanied the police to identify the corpse, soon collapsed when she saw it and confirmed that it is her daughter body. The scene was agonizing, the poor girl was tortured, and her body was mutilated.

Unfortunately, Nadia’s story is not rare. Every year many innocent children are kidnapped, tortured and killed, only because they have some certain physical qualities that sorcerers believe it is a sign of special abilities that enable these children to see and discover buried treasures and without being harmed by the jinns guarding these treasures.

Perhaps the most striking example of the “Zouhri ” child phenomenon is that one that is universally famous through the story of “Aladdin and the magic lamp”, where an evil sorcerer tricked Aladdin to enter into a cave full of traps to bring him the magic lamp, although we are talking her, in Nadia’s case, about a real events occurred in some countries where there is a common belief that “Zouhri ” children exist.

But what is the meaning of “Zouhri ” word? And what distinguishes the “Zouhri ” from other ordinary kids?

In the Moroccan dialect, “Zouhri ” word is derived from “Zahr”, which means “dice” in classical Arabic, obviously referring to “luck”. Another hypothesis about the origin of the word connects it to the book “Zohar”, one of the most important books dealt with the philosophy of “Kabbalah”. The origin of the word may also have been associated with Venus, which is called “Zahra” in Arabic and is related to Zodiac and fortune and luck. In any case, in the Moroccan popular culture, “Zouhri ” means a person who is most fortunate because all things of the world are easy and open to him. God chosen him among millions to carry the torch of luck in the paths of life!. But this blessing often turns into a curse as these “lucky” are often haunted by the specter of death everywhere!.

According to folklore, this person has specific signs in his body, including the following:

– There is a clear line cut his tongue lengthwise.

– The palm of his or her right or left hand, or both, has a straight and connected line that cuts it horizontally.

– One of his eyes has a slight squint.

– He has a special luster in his eyes which everyone can notice at first sight.

– His blood color is lighter than normal.

– Has two hair whorls at the top of the head.

There are other signs known by skilled sorcerers. Of course, it is not a condition that “Zouhri” has all these signs, he may have some of them only, but the more these signs in his body, the  stronger abilities he has, and Hence, more desirable by treasure hunters.

But we cannot help but ask: why does the “Zouhri” have these super abilities in the first place?

Legend says that the “Zouhri” is originally a jinn, and that his original parents replaced him with a human child at the time of his birth, therefore, this child belong to the jinns and is not afraid of them, and has same supernatural senses as them, thus he can see things that ordinary humans cannot see or sense. For example, he can feel or know if a place contain buried treasure, and most importantly, can access those treasure without being cursed or hurt by the jinns guarding those treasures.

Consequently, sorcerers or treasure hunters search for the “Zouhri” to lead them to the treasures and help them obtain them, because they cannot do it themselves as they are afraid to be cursed, or being hurt by the guardian jinn.

But why do they kill the child after finishing his mission?… They do it as a sacrifice, to please the jinns and extinguish their wrath.

Of course, in the end, the “Zouhri” child is only a silly myth. But because stupidity and greed of some “humans” has no limits, therefore many children are kidnapped and killed every year by quick and easy fortune seekers, even if it was at the expense of an innocent child’s life, all his guilt is that he carries some physical marks seen by some idiots as extraordinary, even though they are in fact just ordinary signs that any child in the world can carry.

It is pathetic that abducted child knows nothing about the world of jinn and certainly has no supernatural powers, he is just an ordinary child and we can imagine the extent of his terror and suffering during his torture to show or bring treasures that he knows nothing about.

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