Wedding Dress

By : By: Cherry girl - Saudi Arabia

My name is "Tahany" , I am 15 years old, there has been a strange incident with my sister, I don't want to talk too much, and I'll start the story immediately .

One day of the month of Ramadan, a man named "Talal" came and propose to my big sister and we were very happy. my mother and Talal's mother start arranging the wedding affairs, and my mother suggested that I go with my sister to buy her wedding dress, and how much was beautiful that dress . When we came back my sister said that it would suspend the dress in her room so as not to get dirty, and we agreed all .

At night everyone was asleep except my sister because she was impressed by the beauty of the dress, she was unable to sleep and continued to stare at the dress eagerly , but suddenly she felt that the color of the dress has changed, It seemed to shift from white to the red color, she thought she fancied because of lack of sleep, but soon disappointed, because the dress already turned into a the color of blood and its outstanding Rose had blackened .

After that a scary girl appeared next to the dress and said : " that dress will be main , do you understand .. you varmint??? " .. Then she disappeared !.

My poor sister fainted from horror, and next day she woke up to found herself on the bed and my mother was beside her and looks of fear in her eyes ..

my mother said: "What happened to you my daughter?".

My sister told her about the ghostly girl and what happened last night.

My mother looked at her, distraught and scared at the same time .. and said to her: " Fear not, this is just a dream, come rest now and try to sleep, don't worry yourself " .

Since that day my sister had a phobia of wedding dress, as she said .

* The above story is translated from Arabic. Original text : here

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