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Me, my friend and the genius!

By : By Abu Al Izz– Syria

One evening, I went out late at night with a friend of mine for a walk. We talked about funny stories remembering hilarious situations that have occurred in the past.

We were so distracted that we did not realize that we were walking far away from our village, until arriving to the neighbor village.

We walked all that distance without feeling that we were that far from our position. That was actually so strange. We decided to return, but my friend said that he wanted to visit his aunt living in this village and asked me to go back home alone as he wanted to spend the night at his aunt's.

I wasn't bothered since he mentioned two days ago that he would visit his aunt and bless her son stuck with a serious disease. He then went to his aunt's and I returned home.

I felt tired and cold, I decided to cut short the distance and went through an isolated and empty area.

I was walking in that isolated and deserted area on my own; It was very dark. Clouds covered the moon. It was silent, I could only hear the sound of the friction of my feet on the ground and the bark of a distant dogs that does know the meaning of silence or sleeping.

Suddenly, I heard a voice coming from the village where I left my friend. I did not pay too much attention to that, but I felt that the sound was coming closer to me. I stopped and held my breath so I can hear it clearly.

It was only seconds until I heard someone calling my name ..

- Abu Al Izz wait for me I'm coming ..

- Oh my God ! I do not know any man in this village? Who is it, coming in this deserted area asking me to wait?

The only explanation was that the man calling me should be my friend getting back from his aunt's and deciding to return home with me as it was in fact embarrassing to pay visits that late. A matter of minutes and I could see my friend approaching.

- Did not you fool told me that you were spending the night with your aunt and her family?

- I'm sorry, Abu Al Izz , I knocked the door and nobody answered, I found out that they are on a visit to one of their relatives so I went back immediately.

- Oh well, it's alright .

Then we walked a bit and suddenly asked me to stand up.

I whispered : What's the matter ? .

He told me he lost 500 lira ( $ 4 ) and must find them .

That was awkward, the amount was not worth it to look for it in that cold.

- When did you lose it ?

- On our way to come here.

Here I found out that a strange thing is happening. We two did not come this way , but we came from the other way and I alone who walked in this place to shorten the distance. Hence I became suspicious ... As either my friend was a lair having bad intentions or a very strange thing happened to him making him gibbering what he does not know.

He was looking for his lost money like crazy as if he missed Croesus treasures. I offered him to come back in the morning as it is easier to find the money during the day light, but he refused and insisted on continuing his search. Then I offered him to give him money but he met me with a vigorous rejection.

At that moment I realized that it was a waste of time and decided to return home but he refused and begged me to stay with him. I started to feel that I was threatened; I never knew my friend was that fond of money, I wondered: how did he know that I was taking that road back home? Then I saw him out of breath like a dog panting. I was terrified, horror began to creep into my heart, I remembered when I was kid I heard that strange things occurred in that region.

Then he said to me : I will not come back until I find the money.

I usually carry a small flashlight in my pocket, I used it when necessary. I put it on and pointed the light at my friend head.. And there was a disaster;

His ears were long like a demon ears, his face was laughing as opposed to his actions.

The strangest thing was his eyes that were completely white and dull like a dead body's eyes.

Oh my God that he's a ghost, not my friend.

And when he realized that I discover how he was, he started attacking me barking exactly like a dog. I remained standing there seeking the protection of god and reading Quran until he escaped and disappeared. This was thanks to God .

I went back to my house and was terrified of those weird occurrences. And I remained for days and weeks so absorbed until I understood that what happened was the result of friction of jinn and mankind.

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