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The craziest government: exterminated third of its people!

By : Ayad Attar

 Is this a joke? A government that exterminates a third of its people? !! Maybe a fictional horror story? No .. we only write about facts. indeed, a government that exterminated a third of its people within five years and was on its way to exterminate the rest, a government that established death fields where only miserable bodies were planted, and only skulls and bones were harvested.

It is unfortunate that those who reach power in some countries are a group of losers afflicted with megalomania who consider their words and ideas to be the absolute truth, and whoever defies or disagrees with is a traitor who deserves the harshest penalties. This happened a lot throughout history and it is still happening

 In 1975 the Khmer Rouge managed to seize power in Cambodia and established their government under the name of "Democratic Kampuchea". The leaders of the new government were communists, most of them studied in French universities and were influenced by the ideas of the French Communist Party, as well as the communist experience in Vietnam. Their leader was called "Pol Pot" or as they called him "Brother No. 1" and there is a group of other leaders such as "Brother No. 2" and "Brother No. 3" etc.

The idea of ​​these young leaders was summarized in an extremist communist theory based on the return of the nation to its civilized origins through collective agricultural work in order to achieve self-sufficiency and get rid of all aspects of Western civilization that "polluted" the people and were the original cause of the backwardness of the Third World ...

 Unfortunately it was decided to try this stupid theory on the poor Cambodian people.

Crazy government!

The craziest government: exterminated third of its people! 

The Khmer Rouge government's program was based on closing schools, hospitals, factories, prohibiting banks and commerce, prohibiting all religions, stripping citizens of all their personal property and transferring them from cities (by force) to collective farms in the Cambodian countryside. In order to purify them from the manifestations of Western civilization and return to the culture of "original people" through agricultural work.

Do you imagine madness greater than this? Unfortunately yes, there are more bizarre laws .. Human relations within the family are forbidden! A person has no right to be in a relationship with his family !! Modern Western medicine is forbidden and traditional medicinal herbs are used instead !! It is forbidden to use nicknames and exchange words of respect among people, as only the word "comrade" should be used in public speeches. It is also strictly forbidden to greet by bowing or shaking hands, as its punishment may reach death !!

In the beginning, the government used the trick to evacuate the cities from the residents, telling the people that they should take refuge in the forests for two or three days under the pretext of sheltering from the bombing of the American planes and that the state would protect their homes and property during their absence, but as soon as the residents left, they were divided and sent to teamwork fields, and the Khmer intentionally separated families members and isolated children from their mothers.

On farms, people were forced to work for 12-14 hours or more a day without any rest amd with no or very little food, and It was forbidden for these exhausted and starving detainees to even pick and eat wild plants or fruits as they were public property and no one had the right to take for himself and the punishment for those who violated that Is death!!

Killing Fields

The craziest government: exterminated third of its people!

The Killing Fields are areas designated for the detention, torture and execution of people whom the government wishes to get rid of for many reasons, including that the person belongs to a non-Cambodian nationality, such as the Chinese or Vietnamese living in Cambodia, as well as Christians, Muslims and Buddhism monks . Also, any action or saying that would weaken the government, even if a slight complaint about the conditions of work, or even just that the person shows any sympathy, such as crying or being affected when a person from his family is executed in front of him, the punishment is death.

One of the major crimes in the government’s view is for a person to be educated !! Since the goal of the "crazy" government is to strip the people of everything, even thinking and feelings, and turn them into an obedient agricultural machine that executes orders without discussion or complaining, this is why thinkers, intellectuals, and all those who can read and write must be eliminated .. The paradox is that even people Illiterates who wear glasses have been executed by the government, because it believes that glasses are only used by the educated !!

The people who were getting sick in detention did not receive medical treatment, but rather they had to dig their own graves before they were executed. The government's motto was: "Your life does not bring any benefit, your death does not mean any loss".

Executions are carried out in the killing fields by hitting the head with an ax so that the bullets are not wasted, as the bullet in the government's view is much more valuable than a citizen’s life !! And after the execution, the burial takes place in mass graves.

The number of deaths under the Khmer Rouge government is not known precisely as the lowest pessimistic estimates place it at 750,000 people, while some estimates rise to 3.3 million, almost half of the people (Cambodia's population in that period was 7 million). But the most realistic estimates are between 1.5 and 2.5 million people, about half of whom were killed by execution in the killing fields, while the rest died as a result of starvation and disease.

Fall of the Khmer Rouge

 In 1979 the Vietnamese forces invaded Cambodia and toppled the Khmer Rouge government, and most of its leaders, led by Pol Pot, fled to the bush near the Thai border, where he hid there until his death in 1998.

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