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They came down from sky to have sex!

By : Ayad Attar

 We have heard a lot about UFOs, those mysterious spaceships coming from unknown worlds to visit us, and which come and go for an unknown reason and without bothering to notify us of their presence, and perhaps for this very reason, I mean repeating the same scenario always, which does not go beyond seeing something moving and disappearing Fast in the sky, most people lost their interest in the subject, and the stories of UFOs are no longer as exciting and attractive as they were a few decades ago, they have became meaningless, as we never understood why aliens go to the trouble of traveling billions of miles through endless space to visit a small planet In our Milky Way which crowded with billions of stars and planets .. They travel all this huge distance to stand among the clouds for a few moments, so a poor farmer sees them while he is grazing his cows in the field and then they close back to their homes without a word!! .

Personally, I am tired of these nonsense, so I rarely write about it on my website. I want to hear something new, more than just lights and mysterious objects flying fast in the sky. I wish I could wake up one day and turn on my TV and see a UFO that has landed in Trafalgar Square in London, or in Red Square In Moscow, or near the pyramids in Giza.. I would like to see aliens come out of their mysterious spaceships and talk to us humans, tell us that we are not alone in this existence, take our hand, change our lives and our view of things, teach us how to rise above our grudges and hatred for each other, how to live in peace And happiness in a developed world where there is a cure for every disease, how can we stay young for centuries, spend our summer vacation on Mars, buy apartments and houses on the moon, and exchange messages via the cosmic “net” with friends and loved ones on distant planets and galaxies.

What a dream! .. just a dream that I do not think will ever come true during my miserable short life .. so let's leave dreams aside and return to reality and let me tell you today about new stories with different scenarios from the ones you used to hear when it comes to UFOs ..

Hot brazilian night

They came down from sky to have sex!

It was an charmy night in 1957.. The sky was clear and full of stars, and the whole existence was drowned in complete silence that was disturbed only by the hum of insects, croaking of frogs and the annoying sound of an old tractor driven by a thin young man named Antonio Villas Boas who used to work at night to avoid the heat of the day.
It was 1:15 after midnight when Antonio raised his head and saw a red star shining so brightly in the sky, the young man stopped his tractor and watched that star with interest, wondering what it could be. While he was busy with his thoughts, that star began to grow in size and shine as if it was falling to the earth at an extraordinary speed. It is only a few moments until it was standing above Antonio's head directly! . It was not a star as he thought, but a metallic oval-shaped object topped by a large dome and radiating from below a bright red light. That mysterious object floated for a while in the air, then three metal legs came out from under it and the object began to descend vertically until it settled gently on the ground of the field.
Terrified Antonio tried to escape, but the tractor stopped working for an unknown reason, so he jumped from it and ran at full speed towards the houses near the field. But he did not go far, as he found himself surrounded by four creature in uniforms somewhat similar to those worn by astronauts, they grabbed him and then carried him by force to their mysterious oval object or spacecraft.

Antonio described his captors as being shorter than him, each wearing a gray suit, and on the chest of each suit there was a circle shining a red light. They wore tall boots with high heels, and they wore huge helmets that covered the entire head, so that only pale blue eyes appeared from them. From each helmet, three tubes branch downward to connect to the suit in three different places.

In the spacecraft, Antonio found himself in a room without windows and furniture, its walls radiating a bright light as if it were daylight. Then, his captors took him to a second room that resembled the first in all its details, except for a round table in the middle surrounded by several chairs without armrests, such as those found in bar. In this room, Antonio heard his captors talking to each other for the first time, and he was very surprised by the way they spoke, as their language was like barking! .

After they had talked - or rather barked - a little, the captors stripped Antonio of his clothes, sprinkled him with a strange gel-like substance, and took him to a third room with vague marks on its door. In that room, they took a sample of his blood using a device that they inserted into his chin without him feeling any pain. Then they went out and left him alone.

Antonio turned around, the room was completely empty, except for a large bed floating in the air without supports and no pillows or covers. Antonio sat on that bed and soon became absorbed in his thoughts and obsessions, wondering with himself what fate awaited him at the hands of these strangers. Not long after, he suddenly felt a tightness in his chest, then saw white smoke seeping through tiny pores in the walls, he felt sick and vomited in the corner of the room. Then that smoke quickly dissipated, and the door opened again, and a female alien entered.. To his astonishment, she looked like women .. and was completely naked! .

They came down from sky to have sex!

Her skin was pure white, her eyes were wide blue, her mouth was small with thin lips, her nose was delicate and straight, and her hair was blond to whitish. As for her stature, she was as short as the other captors, but the most beautiful thing about her was her body, as she had a wonderful body. She was plump without extravagance, with a delicate waist, a thin neck... In fact, she was as charming as cinema beauties, nothing distinguished her from human women except for a small tapering chin and red hair under the armpit and on the pubic area.

The female alien entered the room staring with a look that Antonio did not lose sight of its meaning ... a look he had always seen in the eyes of the women he had slept with, and he quickly realized what she wanted, and his fear left him completely after she stood in front of him and brought her naked body close to him, he found in himself an irresistible attraction to that cosmic beauty. He grabbed her hand and gently pulled her to the bed. Unexpectedly, he found her an expert in the arts of sex, making voices of pleasure and ecstasy. At the same time, he found in himself a strange strength to continue, so he had sex with her again and again, tirelessly, and if one of those aliens in uniforms hadn't entered the room after an hour... Maybe he would never have stopped! .

With the entry of the other alien, she got off the bed and was about to go out with her fellow when she turned towards Antonio with a semi-smile on her face, then wiped her stomach with her hand, and pointed to him then nodded towards the sky. Antonio realized that she was telling him that she would take his child to live with her on her planet. He understood that the purpose of the entire process of kidnapping him was to have sex with that alien.. Perhaps the aliens wanted to improve their offspring, so they chose a human stallion for this purpose. Antonio felt great satisfaction in reaching this conclusion, feeling a bit of pride and vanity for being that desired stallion! .

Antonio was alone for some time after the aliens left, then two aliens entered, returned his clothes to him and escorted him again to that room with table and chairs, where four of them were sitting, barking in their vague language as if they were in a meeting. It seemed clear that they had lost their interest in Antonio, so he took advantage of their preoccupation and began to looking around him, his eyes fell on a small cube that looked like a clock at the end of the room, so he thought with himself to take it with him to be proof of the sincerity of his kidnapping, but as soon as he caught that cube until one of the aliens rose and take it gently from him and then put it back to its place.

The aliens took Antonio on a tour inside their spacecraft, and after the tour ended, one of them escorted him out and left him in the same spot from which they took him for the first time. Then the alien returned to the spacecraft which quickly began to rise vertically in the air until it reached a certain height, then flashing colored lights appeared from the bottom of it and it set off like lightning to disappear in the sky in the blink of an eye.

Antonio stood alone, stunned, near his tractor. He looked at his watch and found that it was five in the morning, meaning that he had spent about four hours inside the spacecraft. Then he got on his tractor and went back to his house.

At first, no one believed Antonio's story. His friends mocked him, thinking that he was delusional. But weeks after, Antonio began to show strange symptoms, headaches, nausea, convulsions, blisters on the skin, and the doctors were confused in diagnosing his condition. But when he told them his story with the aliens, some of them suspected that this was the reason behind his illness, perhaps he was exposed to a high doses of radiation. It is said that a committee made up of intelligence officers, doctors and nuclear scientists investigated Antonio's story and actually found a high level of radiation in the spot where the spacecraft allegedly landed. Thus, Antonio's story turned into an exciting news that was reported by Brazilian newspapers. People were divided about him, some believed him, and others saw nothing in his story but illusions and hallucinations.

Out of controversy about his story, those who knew Antonio closely said he was an honest and respectful person. He graduated from university later in his life and worked as a lawyer, and died at an early age in 1991, leaving behind a wife and four children.

Sleeping with the lizard man

They came down from sky to have sex!

Many people are afraid of lizards, not wanting to touch or even just approach them. For them, the idea of ​​having sex with a lizard sounds terrifying and ridiculous, but it is not so for the American Pamela Stonebrook, this blonde jazz singer claims to have hade sex with a lizard, and that Her experience was amazing in every sense of the word! To be honest, Pamela is not talking here about an ordinary lizard, but rather about a 6-foot-long alien creature that looks like a lizard. About her experience she says:

"The first time I had sex with an alien was different from all the lovemaking I've ever known, it was interesting and fun, and without going into details, I can say that that being was bigger than most men I've known. I remember exactly how I felt when I first saw him, I awoke from my sleep to find myself having sex with what seemed like a Greek god. At first I thought I was dreaming, but the sex seemed so real and intimate, and when I closed my eyes I was overwhelmed with a wonderful sense of how comfortable I was in the arms of this being, and then when I opened my eyes again I found that that Greek god turned into a lizard with skin peeling like snakes, then I realized that I was having sex with an alien being that has the ability to transform from one form to another, and when the creature saw the fear on my face he whispered in my ear saying: "We have always been together, we love each other. And I immediately felt great ecstasy."

The Chinese farmer and the giant alien

They came down from sky to have sex!

"She was three meters tall and had six fingers on each hand and hair on her legs, except that she looked exactly like women." This is how the Chinese farmer Meng Zhaoguo describes the alien creature he allegedly had sex with.

The story began in 1994, when Meng and two of his relatives were working in the field, and their attention was drawn to the fall of a metal object in the forest at the foot of the mountain adjacent to the field. Meng thought it was a hovercraft or an air balloon and went to find out. When he reached the place where the object fell, he was surprised that what he thought was a balloon was in fact nothing but a spacecraft carrying human-like creatures, but they are giant and strong. Meng entered the spacecraft and stayed with those creatures for a while and then returned home.

In the evening of the same day, an female alien pursued him to his house, where they had sex for forty minutes, they were floating in the air of his bedroom while his wife and daughter were sleeping in the bed below them!. That alien left a small scar on Meng's thigh that he later show to reporters as a confirming to the truth of his story.

After several weeks, the aliens returned again and took Meng to their spaceship, but this time he did not see that alien who he had sex with, and when he asked them about her and wanted to see her, they told him that this is not currently possible, and that after sixty years from now a child of his own will be born on another planet.

Meng claimed that the aliens took him with their spaceship on a tour to Jupiter, and that he viewed the Earth from space through a crystal ball, he saw the destruction of forests, icebergs and lakes due to the pollution spread by humans, and the aliens told him that humans must do something to save their environment quickly, otherwise the Earth will be destroyed.

Meng's story is considered the most famous in China in the field of UFO, and it is said that Meng underwent lie tests, and those tests proved that he was truthful in most of what he said.

cosmic rape

It was 2AM in the middle of a cold, dark night in 1973 when Gabriella Versacci was driving alone on the motorway near Longford, Badville, on her way home after visiting a sick friend in another town. The road was completely empty except for a faint and distant light, which Gabriella thought came from a car ahead, but it seemed steady and not moving.

As she approached that light, it started blinking quickly and then gradually dimmed until it went out completely, and as soon as the light disappeared, Gabriella's car engine started making a strange noise and then stopped completely for an unknown reason.

Gabriella was terrified, for she was lonely woman standing in the dark on the side of an empty road at that late hour of the night. She got out of the car and opened the front cover and then stared at the engine in despair, and while she was trying in vain to find the source of the malfunction, she heard a faint buzzing sound, then the sound began to intensify and gradually approach her, but she did not find its source, and suddenly she felt a strong hand on her shoulder. Then, in a moment, she found herself lying on the ground, and when she turned to see the face of the attacker, she was surprised by a long metal object resembling a robot standing above her, and then everything sank into pitch darkness.

When she opened her eyes again, Gabriella found herself standing in the middle of a field covered with weeds, there was no trace of her car or the road, and next to her stood that mysterious robot, and directly in front of her she saw a huge metal object shining brightly, it was in the form of a hemisphere with a diameter of 12 meters and a height of six meters , at the top there is a group of rectangular windows , and there were few huge metal legs to support that metal object. Gabriella did not stay long before everything was plunged into darkness again.

When Gabriella opened her eyes again, she found herself in a very cold, circular room, and near her was that robot standing.

Gabriella was lying completely naked on a metal table, but she was covered in a light blue blanket, and her hands and feet were tied to the edges of the table.

After a while, three thin men of moderate stature entered the room. They wore hoods that covered their heads, and they put on masks that concealed their mouths and noses, so that only their eyes were visible, which were like human eyes, but more round and seem rigid and without feelings.
The three men conducted a set of tests on Gabriella using devices and machines she had never seen before in her life, and they took samples of her hair, blood and nails. During those tests, none of them said a word, but they looked at each other from time to time and shook their heads, as if they were talking to each other telepathically. But when one of them saw Gabriella looking at the robot, he spoke to her in sound English and told her that this robot is a device programmed to work outside the mother ship, and its main job is to bring samples from abroad for examination and study. Then the three men left and Gabriella was left alone in the room.

After a few minutes one of those men came back alone to the room and went to the table and lifted the cover off Gabriela and then stood staring at her body, and Gabriella felt that something terrible was going to happen, she writhed on the table trying to free herself in vain, and when the man saw her agitation and panic, he took out a pin of his pocket and stuck it in her thigh, causing her whole body to go numb except for her head, and she stopped moving completely. Then that man slowly climbed behind the table and stretched over Gabriela and slowly raped her without moving his body! Gabriella described her feeling at that moment of discomfort, but she did not feel any pain, and after the man finished, he came down from the table and left the room.

After a few minutes, the three men came back and freed Gabriella from her chains and then lowered her from the table, and when she looked at the ground she found her clothes at her feet and then everything sank into dark again.

When Gabriella opened her eyes again she found herself fully clothed and standing next to her car on the edge of the road, she got in the car and turned the key, and to her astonishment the car turned on at once, and she drove back to her house in a wretched state of shock and terror.
Gabriella told her husband what had happened to her, and the two agreed to keep the story to themselves and not tell anyone else, but thinking about what had happened and curiosity to know more about these mysterious men, all of that eventually led Gabriella to contact the experts and specialists in the field of UFOs for advice, and so the world knew the details of her strange story.

Sex with the Cat Queen!

They came down from sky to have sex!

One morning in June 2013, Mr. Simon Parkes appeared at the world on Channel 4 Documentary Channel and fired a heavy caliber bomb... This 52 year old man, a member of the British Labor Party, claimed that he had a sexual relationship with aliens since he was six years old!.

Mr. Parkes showed viewers a painting depicting the first alien creature he had ever known, claiming that the first meeting between them took place in his childhood, and that that creature was: "green in color, seven feet tall and wearing a pink robe." And that the creature would take Mr. Parkes with him to his spaceship in the following way: "We'd hold hands, then I'd say I'm ready, and then we'd go straight to his spacecraft in Earth's orbit by a technology I don't understand."

Mr. Parkes claimed to have had a long relationship with an alien creature called the Cat Queen, and that they get together four times a year to have sex. Not only that, the alien creature became pregnant from Mr. Parkes and gave birth to a child named Zarka.

The presenter asked : "How can a six-year-old have sex?" Mr. Parkes replied that the matter is different for aliens, for them sex is more concerned with the soul than the body.
As for the impact of his cosmic romantic relationships on his family, especially as he is a married man with three children, Mr. Parkes says: "My wife knew about it and was unhappy, this created some problems for me. But my relationship with aliens is not on the level of humans, so I do not feel guilty and do not see Nothing wrong with what I do."


After I finished writing this article, I feel confused. because my idea about aliens revolved around two possibilities, either they would help us humans, or they would destroy us.. But I never imagined that these cosmic travelers would come to our planet to have sex, as if what we already have on this fucking planet of harassers and rapists who are obsessed with sex are not enough, so we get more from the sky!

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