Massage from another world

By : By: Hirorka – Egypt

I came back home after an exhausting day of work. My wife was, as usual, busy doing house chores. I asked her for a relaxing massage because I had a terrible back pain. She told me to lie down for a while until she gets done with her chores. Few minutes later, I could feel her standing by my side and gently massaging my back. As usual, she was so soft in doing so, then I felt her hands hardly squeezing my muscles, this was quite weird! Then, she moved her hands up to the back of my neck and squeezed even harder, I yelled in pain “can’t you do this more gently?” My wife replied from the bathroom at the back of the hall” What? I can’t hear you, wait a second I’ll finish bathing and be there right the way!".

* The above story is translated from Arabic. Original text : here

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