Someone is talking in my mind!

By : Wahid – Egypt

I hope you will explain to me something I suffer from and do not know what it is…

I suffer from something you may call it hallucination, a voice whispering in my head I don’t know what caused it … As if there is someone talking to me in my mind constantly as if a friend of mine !! When I have a problem, when I want to make a step in my life… He speaks and advises me, as if he knows all the correct aspects to overcome all problems and obstacles, and guide me to the right path, yes to the right path…

One day I remember well, when I was having a difficult problem that needed thinking, he talked to me and told me how to get rid of the problem in a smart way, and I actually followed his plan and got over the problem.

What I don’t understand is what this thing is? Is it my Qareen (Doppelgänger) … or is it just an illusion… Or maybe I become crazy and talk to myself!

I have no explanation for what is happening. I’ve had it since I was in school. I was sitting in the classroom when the bell rang and all my colleagues went down to the school yard to play. I was left alone in the boredom and silence, and suddenly I heard the voice of someone talking to me, I was surprised at first and thought I was not alone, I looked at all the directions of the classroom I did not see anyone!! I felt scared and thought he was a ghost and then I run out of the classroom and went down to the schoolyard.

Since then, that voice has remained in my mind wherever I go, talking to me and opening subjects when I feel bored. I did not need any other friend in my life to talk to him. But this fantastic friend made me worry over time that I might have schizophrenia

But I rule that out. I’m normal and not crazy

I think that entity has split from somewhere in my soul, his mind combined with my mind! So we became two separate minds in the same head!! but his way of thinking is different from my thinking completely. I feel that he is smarter and more mysterious than me.

Please take my words seriously and explain to me what happens?

Do I imagine? Am I different from the rest of all humans?

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  1. Don’t worry I think this is just your wise mind talking to you and somehow it sparated from your complete mind and became the controller.

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