They think she is crazy!

By : Shams Tarhal – Egypt

Hi .. I need your advice. My father is dead and we live in a big house shared by us and my uncles and their families, each family has an apartment.

The problem began when the daughter of my uncle’s wife’s sister suffered from psychological problems because she advanced in age without getting married. She often come to my uncle’s house with her mother and sometimes come down to our apartment to greet us. One day, as she was visiting us, she whispered in my ear: “I’m not psychologically ill as they think, but I’m in contact with a jinni. He always comes and talks to me.”

I was terrified of her words, but I could not believe her. I thought to myself that she is mentally unstable and could imagine things that did not exist.

Once when she was visiting us, she told me that the jinni is with her now. But I did not believe her. So she said, “Do you want a proof?”.

I kept silent; in fact I was scared despite my strong faith in God. She said to me I will prove to you, then she looked at the lamps in the room, and made them flicker on their own several times, then she smiled and said: What do you think now?. I also smiled and said to her, “Maybe by chance.”

In fact, I was pretending to be coherent, but inside I was trembling with fear, and suddenly something happened that I did not expect. I heard a low voice whispering and talking to her, and she replied, as if she were talking to someone invisible, saying: “What?”.

She did not look into my eyes, and looked upset, then she asked to leave, and went out.

After that, whenever she come to the house, strange things occur, including hearing steps and noises outside out apartment, and sometimes someone knocks on the door, but when we open the door we cannot find anyone!

I really feel scared, I have not passed such experiences before, it’s a nightmare I hope it will end..

Please tell me your opinion: Can such things really happen, can a person have a relationship with a being from another world?.

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